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Ali Saadat


Board Chair, Founder, Chief Executive Officer

A lifelong entrepreneur with a passion for using disruptive technology, service and business model innovations to improve business and market value, Mr. Saadat propels FedBid forward with over 35 successful years in leading and building information technology and Internet industry companies. As FedBid’s CEO, he uses his vision, oversight and leadership to guide the development and implementation of FedBid’s overall business strategy. Under his leadership over the past decade, FedBid has grown to a global community of Sellers actively competing for the business of federal and Fortune 500 Buyers, with $billions worth of goods and services awarded annually. In January 2012, Mr. Saadat led the company in securing a significant investment from Revolution Growth, a venture capital fund created by Steve Case, Ted Leonsis and Donn Davis. Mr. Saadat is also passionate about philanthropy. Working with nonprofit agencies to help them more effectively give children and families the support they need to succeed has been the cornerstone of a wide variety of philanthropic efforts throughout his life. Saadat earned a Master of Science degree in Industrial Engineering from George Washington University. A dedicated husband, father and grandfather, Mr. Saadat firmly believes in making time for all that leads to a happy, healthy and worthwhile life.