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Instant Friends – Is it Possible?

08.30.2016, by Susan Conolly

Am I the only one that dreads walking into a room full of people I don’t know? There are those brave souls that see this as an opportunity to meet new people and possibly make new friends. But for those of us more on the introverted side, all those new faces can look like a sea of loneliness.

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MCEC National Training Seminar – Day 1 Impressions

06.28.2016, by Susan Conolly

Day 1 of the Military Child Education Coalition’s National Training Seminar was very interesting and informative! The theme is “Grit-Determination-Perseverance” and is an homage to our Military children. These are words that describe what our kids possess and what we as parents, educators, and members of the communities surrounding our Military installations, can help enhance and encourage within them.

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“This Memorial Day, let’s Build a WW1 Memorial.”

05.26.2016, by Susan Conolly

As many Americans around the country take a moment to relax with friends and family this Memorial Day, I hope they take a moment to pause over their grills and swimming pools to ponder what the holiday really represents.

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How Perseverance Pays Off

05.02.2016, by Susan Conolly

Do You Have These 3 Attributes of Perseverance?

1. Do you have the tenacity to stay the course when circumstances get hard?
2. Can you keep your eyes focused on that goal in the distant horizon despite the immediate obstacles in your path?
3. Are you willing to work diligently for an outcome that may be years in the making?

This month we have been highlighting what I like to call, Trailblazer Topics.

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How Far Will Determination Take You?

04.21.2016, by Susan Conolly

Determination – It can be the deciding factor in reaching a goal. No matter how bad you want something, you can’t achieve it without the determination to work for it.

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