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3 Reasons the MIC3 is Crucial for Military Families

06.25.2015, by Susan Conolly

Published by: Amy Soupene

MIC3 is an acronym for the Military Interstate Children’s Compact Commission. In my opinion, this Compact is incredibly important for military families. Eligibility extends to the children of:

  • Active duty member of the U.S. armed forces, including National Guard and Reserves on active duty orders
  • Members or veterans who are medically discharged or retired for one year
  • Members who die on active duty

The MIC3 ensures that military students moving between member states receive uniform treatment and are not penalized for a military relocation.


Penalized for moving?!  That’s exactly what can happen to military kids all over the world.  Let me set the stage a bit.  Let’s say you are the parent of three unique and wonderful military kids, with the most creative names of Child 1, 2, and 3.

In your current location, Child 1 is very athletic and involved in many extra-curricular activities, Child 2 has special needs, and Child 3 is getting ready to graduate.

Moving day arrives, your lives are packed into boxes, and away you all go to your new home.

Upon arriving, you head to the district offices to register your kids for school.  (Of course, you’ve already checked the SQ library to smoothly plan this transition.)

When you arrive with the necessary documentation you are informed that in this district Child 1 does not qualify to sign up for the sports and extra-curriculars she loves because she has missed the application deadline.

Child 2 had special needs accommodations at your last school.  These accommodations are imperative for him to adjust well and attend school.  Unfortunately, this district wants to conduct their own testing and your child will be in limbo until a decision is made.

And what about, Child 3, you’re soon-to-graduate student? (You already are making plans for the most amazing graduation party this town has ever seen!)

But hold your horses.  Apparently, some of the courses Child 3 completed are not recognized in this district.  And there are some credits lacking according to this state’s rules.  Child 3 will not be graduating on time – despite your proper preparation using the former school’s graduation requirements.

Think this scenario sounds far-fetched?  It’s not.  Many students face the loss of activities, accommodations or even graduation because of the difference in state standards.

This is what I mean by unfairly penalizing students for following their beloved service member to the next duty station.  The Compact addresses these very problems and more.

The MIC3 was created to address issues in three key areas:

1. Enrollment
2. Eligibility
3. Graduation

Those three areas offer the most challenge and anxiety for transitioning military parents and their students. Ensuring that students receive credit and accommodations which lead to a smooth transition makes everyone a winner!

Referring back to my title, 3 Reasons the MIC3 is Crucial for Military Families.  Are my three reasons the key areas addressed or those three virtual children with very real challenges?  You decide.  Any law that protects and advocates for our military children has my full support.

To learn more about the MIC3 and how it can benefit you, please visit their website: http://mic3.net/

Especially helpful is their Resource Guide for Parents, School Officials and Public Administrators.

Best wishes, ~Amy