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3 Signs it’s Time to Talk with Your Child’s Teacher

08.20.2014, by Susan Conolly

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Most parents have times when they wonder . . .

. . . Is their child on-track with their learning?
. . . Is their child participating?
. . . Does their child have friends at school?

Unfortunately, too many parents feel they need to wait until a formally scheduled meeting, such as Parent-Teacher Conferences, before they can discuss these concerns with their student’s teacher(s).

In their online newsletter article, “3 Signs It’s Time to Talk With Your Child’s Teacher”, the National Center for Learning Disabilities (NCLD) points out that we live in a time when it’s easier than ever to touch base with your child’s teacher.  Email, voice-messaging, texting and/or classroom websites provide ample opportunity for communication.  As parents are often the first to notice the signs of impending problems, rather than waiting until a formally scheduled time to contact their teacher, it’s usually better to reach out before a problem becomes an even bigger issue.

Three situations when they suggest parents contact their child’s teacher(s) are:

1. When you notice your child’s attitude changes.
2. When homework becomes a frequent issue.
3. When you don’t understand correspondence from your child’s teacher.

Together, parents and teachers can collaborate to get students back on track!