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From the Top

10.05.2012, by Susan Conolly

Listen to our incredibly talented military kids featured on NPR's From the Top!

Does the discipline and dedication required to serve in our nation’s armed forces have anything in common with the discipline and dedication required to become a skilled classical musician? All of the kids in this show would say, "Yes!" From the Top is in Grapevine, Texas, showcasing talented young musicians who've grown up in America's proud military families.

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Is College for Everyone?

07.19.2012, by Susan Conolly

NBC News | Aired on July 16, 2012

Is college for everyone?

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07.16.2012, by Susan Conolly

Education of the Military Child in the 21st Century

Current Dimensions of Educational Experiences for Army Children

A Report on the Research Conducted by the Military Child Education Coalition
for the U.S. Army, 2012

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A Military Child Experience: Where Are You From?

07.12.2012, by Susan Conolly

A common question for the new kid on the block is "Where are you from?" Friends, teachers, neighbors all want to know. But what does that mean for a military child? The answer to the question "where are you from?" is not so easy to give.

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Searching for Schools

07.11.2012, by Susan Conolly

How to find the best fit for your child when it's time to move.

Military children are my heroes. They move from school to school, making friends and forging opportunities as they go - often while dealing with the deployment of a parent. A good school experience helps my own children make easier transitions, but I always stress when it's timeto make a final decision. It's imperative I find a system that fits my kids' academic and social needs - a tall order for any parent.

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