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A Military Child Experience: Where Are You From?

07.12.2012, by Susan Conolly

A common question for the new kid on the block is "Where are you from?" Friends, teachers, neighbors all want to know. But what does that mean for a military child? The answer to the question "where are you from?" is not so easy to give.

By kindergarten, I had lived in 3 different states. My middle school registration records reflect the 5 elementary schools that I attended, some for only a matter of months. By high school graduation, I had attended 9 schools in 12 years. Rarely do I remember wondering why we moved so much, or resenting the fact that moving was disruptive to my childhood social and academic life. My dad was in the military, and moving was just part of the deal. With each move I wondered what my next neighborhood would look like, how different my new school would be and what new friends would I make. Each move was bittersweet.  While hard to start anew, the frequent moves added cherished friendships, deeper understanding, and new perspectives on people and places. Each move contributed to my expanded view of the world.

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