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April is Month of the Military Child - Get Your Purple Ready!

03.31.2016, by Susan Conolly

03/30/2016 Published by: Amy Soupene

April is a very exciting time around here!  It’s truly one of our favorite months.  Can you guess why?  The Military Child Education Coalition strives all year long to serve the children of those who serve us all. And in April we get to CELEBRATE our magnificent military kids during the Month of the Military Child!

Throughout the year we conduct professional development classes, trainings, and workshops to educate those who work with military students. We have programs such as Parent to Parent and Student 2 Student to empower our core audience. The MCEC is always looking for new ways to support military children and their families.


During the month of April we will be introducing you to some truly amazing military children. You will read how they have faced challenges in their lives. And I hope you will join me as we applaud their desire to pay it forward to other military children.

Trailblazers is our theme this year.  Military children are indeed Trailblazers as they encompass grit, determination, and perseverance to succeed. Follow along with us as each week we highlight an outstanding student that exemplifies one of these key qualities.

As part of our annual tradition, the MCEC has compiled a Month of the Military Child Toolkit. We know that you anticipate the resources offered here to acknowledge and celebrate those military children in your life.

This Year’s Toolkit Features:

  • An uplifting poster featuring the artwork of a military child
  • A downloadable image and stickers to commemorate “PURPLE UP!” day on April 15
  • An exclusive certificate that you can present to military students to thank them for their service

    Click here to go to the Month of the Military Child Toolkit!









Thank you for all that you do to support military children and their families.  Please use our free resources as you look for ways to celebrate these special kids this month.

Best wishes,


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