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How Far Will Determination Take You?

09.18.2017, by Susan Conolly

Published by: Amy Soupene

Determination – It can be the deciding factor in reaching a goal. No matter how bad you want something, you can’t achieve it without the determination to work for it.

While maintaining that determination can be difficult, having a goal to work towards gives a defining purpose. The challenging work isn’t so bad when you know it is for a reason. You can remain resolute and focused on the goal.

Living a military life requires much determination. The decision to go forth every day and give the world your best calls for a resolve of one’s spirit.

For many military students, springtime signals the nearness of another PCS. Once again they will be moving; leaving the familiar behind and embracing the unknown. And as they face this upheaval, they do so with a determination to do their best.

For other military children, they will once again face the deployment of a loved one. Home life will adjust to a new normal in the absence of a family member. New responsibilities must be accepted as everyone at home pitches in to make it through this deployment. And then when their loved one returns, everyone must adjust again.

Other students may be staying put; no PCS’s, no deployments. Instead they will be saying good-bye to close friends who must PCS. They are left behind, minus a friend. This void can encourage this student to reach out the new kids in the area. To be a friend and help ease the transition.

It is a common goal to desire to make this world a better place. To leave your corner of the world in a better state than when you arrived.  In order to make this happen it takes commitment and determination.  Military-connected children know this better than anyone.

This week we salute Jennifer Narvaez as our display of determination. Congratulations, Jennifer!









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Thanks for standing with us as we salute all military children,


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