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How Perseverance Pays Off

05.02.2016, by Susan Conolly

Do You Have These 3 Attributes of Perseverance?

Published by: Amy Soupene

1. Do you have the tenacity to stay the course when circumstances get hard?
2. Can you keep your eyes focused on that goal in the distant horizon despite the immediate obstacles in your path?
3. Are you willing to work diligently for an outcome that may be years in the making?

This month we have been highlighting what I like to call, Trailblazer Topics. These are characteristics that assist one in achieving success and goals in life. We have chosen the theme of Trailblazer because many of the students we showcase are trailblazers. They are facing challenges, overcoming obstacles, and working towards their successful future.

We have discussed grit, determination, and now perseverance as we salute military-connected children this month. To successfully navigate this life, these children must develop some or all of these characteristics.

Perseverance is an attribute that never disappoints. If you are willing to work hard towards a goal and delay immediate gratification, the future rewards will pay big dividends. Having perseverance will carry you through the hard times because you will see them as temporary challenges that can be overcome, not deal-breaking situations.

Many military students learn to thrive in their high mobility life. They come to understand that it is a big world out there filled with adventures and opportunities.The very aspects that could cause set-backs instead become the catalyst for growth.

It takes courage to embrace the many changes and challenges that military families face. Add perseverance to that courage and you have an unstoppable force.

Meet Sierra Flake. Read as we highlight how perseverance has guided her life and her future goals.

Thank you for following along this month as we’ve highlighted trailblazing students. And thank you for your support of military children everywhere.

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