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Living up to the Motto

10.25.2013, by Susan Conolly

James Harper, MCEC Intern

According to Webster’s Dictionary, a motto is a sentence, phrase, or word inscribed on something as appropriate to or indicative of its character or use and also, more importantly in terms of this blog, a short expression of a guiding principle.  Most corporations and nonprofits have a motto or a mission statement. 

Here at the MCEC headquarters in Harker Heights, our motto, “For the Sake of the Child,” is posted near the entrance to our building.  So every day, as I walk to my desk, I pass the words and read them.  I never have to wonder if these words are just lip service because employees and volunteers alike have shown me how much they respect our motto and believe in its meaning.   From Mary Keller, President and CEO, down to the lowliest intern (ME!), every member of the staff works diligently to ensure that every military-connected child gets the help they require and need. 

There are military children in every country where there are military bases, and MCEC diligently attempts to improve the quality of life and education for everyone of those resilient and exceptional kids.  Through tireless efforts, MCEC provides trainings and workshops full of vital information about ways to help these wonderful children.

Recently, I was tasked with the mission to create event pages on Facebook, and this is where our MCEC followers and volunteers can help yet again.  We ask that you add us to your list of friends on Facebook, and when we share the dates of our seminars that you do the same.  The word of mouth, or in this case the word of mouse…and keyboard, can help us contact, and, ultimately, help even more children.  This is the true miracle of the age of technology; a simple act of clicking a mouse can help ensure that the children of our nation’s service members are not forgotten. Please join almost 5,000 other individuals, and add us to your Facebook by searching for Military Child Education Coalition, because we need your help to help them-...for the sake of the child.