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Searching for Schools

07.11.2012, by Susan Conolly

How to find the best fit for your child when it's time to move.

Military children are my heroes. They move from school to school, making friends and forging opportunities as they go - often while dealing with the deployment of a parent. A good school experience helps my own children make easier transitions, but I always stress when it's timeto make a final decision. It's imperative I find a system that fits my kids' academic and social needs - a tall order for any parent.

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This article is published by AmeriForce Publishing,and is a Worldwide Military PCS-TDY Relocation Guide 2012/2013.

Julie R. Steed - Author
Writer, Mom, Military Spouse
I am an Air Force spouse and mother of 2 school-age girls. Due to frequent relocation, my girls have attended 4 different schools in the last 4 years.