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11.24.2015, by Susan Conolly

Published by: Amy Soupene

I cannot let this holiday pass without writing about it.  Thanksgiving is still a holiday about just being together and being thankful.  The simplicity of that sentiment should never be lost.

Some families have a tradition of going around the table and saying one thing for which they are thankful.  I love this idea, it just never works for me.  I get teary quite easily, and when emotions are high, the lump in my throat grows.  So while everyone is saying sweet, encouraging things, I silently dissolve until it’s my turn and I have no voice. Only tears.  I’m a weepy sort.

This year we’ll be brining and grilling our turkey.  My husband likes anything he can cook over an open fire.  Several years ago he decided grilling a whole turkey would be just the ticket for our Christmas dinner. It was fabulous and became our Christmas tradition. A little burnt looking on the outside, but juicy and smoky inside.  And this year the grilled bird will be the starring attraction at our Thanksgiving dinner, too.





Christmas 2014, the proud
Grill Masters





No matter how delicious the food, that’s not what I’m looking forward to.  I love the idea that we stop mid-week for this holiday.  Everyone is home, the house is warm and a bit noisy, and those I love are all around me.  I love the chaos of lots of people and lots of love around the table.  There will be several people that I’ll wish were here and I’ll miss them dearly.

I’ll look at my husband who served in the Army over 20 years and feel so blessed that he is sitting next to me, and not deployed on a faraway battlefield.  And while I look at him, I’ll be reminded of all those families who have an empty chair on this holiday.  Their loved one is serving faraway, keeping my family and me safe.  Or, with a stab in my heart, I’ll think of those families whose empty chair will never be filled because their loved one paid the ultimate sacrifice.

How do you say Thank You for that?

Every day I try to remember to be grateful for all the blessings that surround me.  Thanksgiving is the perfect time to look around and really count your blessings.  Is there a military family in your neighborhood that is missing an important family member?  Why not invite them in and share your day with them?

Do you know any military members, former or current?  It’s always a good time to say, Thank You.

From our home to yours, we wish you a Thanksgiving that is filled with love and warmth.  Thank you to all the military members and their families that make our nation so great.

Happy Thanksgiving,


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