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What Happens When You Bring Together Caring Parents?

09.11.2015, by Susan Conolly

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Amy Soupene

Military life has its challenges, that’s for sure.  Deployments, reunions, and relocations are common occurrences for a military family.   As adults we figure out how to navigate these challenging times.

But what about our children? Military life is demanding of the entire family, no exceptions.  Children, however, respond to these demands in their own way and depend on their parents for guidance and support.

As parents we want to assist our children but don’t always have the answers.  This is where the MCEC’s Parent to Parent program steps in to empower parents to become their child’s best advocate on educational and social issues.

Parent to Parent Trainers have been providing practical ideas, proven techniques, and solid resources to support military families since 2006.  In those 9 years over 170,000 parents have benefited from Parent to Parent Workshops across the U.S. and Europe.


Workshop topics include Early Literacy, to College and Career Readiness, and everything in between! You are guanteed to learn a wealth of pertinent information whatever the age of your student.

Want to know if there’s a PtoP in your region?  Check out this list and learn more about the PtoP program.

Don’t despair if there’s not a PtoP program in your area.  Army installations without a PtoP team may request a one-day Parent to Parent Surge seminar from the Department of the Army Family, Morale, Welfare and Recreation Command.  Maybe you are not near an Army installation and still want to request a Surge seminar?  Seminars can be held in your school district or community for a nominal fee.

The MCEC can offer this program and many others because of the generous support of our partners and donors.  Would you please consider donating today?  Your gift will allow us to continue our support of military kids around the world.  I send you a sincere, “Thank you” for your consideration.






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