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Jennifer Narvaez

Jennifer is an active sophomore who likes to play soccer and basketball. In her free time she enjoys surfing, paddle boarding, and hiking. Jennifer likes being a military child because of the memories and experiences she has had. “Even though it may be tough sometimes, it is overall a good life,” she shared.

Jennifer has many support systems in place including her family, friends, teachers, and coaches but it can still be challenging. “What I find challenging about being a military child is losing friendships and not having my father around most of the time,” shared Jennifer. She continued, “What I love about being a military child is being able to experience different places and cultures, meet interesting people, and getting to know different ways of life.”

Jennifer shared that she has moved three times and has access to many resources to help her with any challenges she may have. After high school, Jennifer plans on attending college and pursuing a career in the medical field.