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K-12 Core Curriculum Standards

Common Core Standards:
Will it make a difference for our military-connected students?

A phrase you may hear or read about over the next few years is “Common Core” or “Common Core State Standards” (CCSS). CCSS represent a major education shift toward an emphasis on rigorous and consistent standards throughout students’ K-12 academic careers. The adoption and implementation of CCSS in schools will provide consistent and clear standards of student expectations. The new standards require a high level of student engagement as well as a focus on both content and a depth of understanding to apply the knowledge. Standards are designed to be relevant to what students need to know in order to be prepared for college or their careers and to position our students to be successful in our global economy. For our military-connected children, CCSS are a dramatic shift from an education experience that has traditionally been a patchwork of various standards and expectations as they move from state to state to one that will be as close to academically seamless as possible. Students will not be caught off-guard when they move, because CCSS outline the specific skills and knowledge by each grade that students need to have in order to be prepared for college or employment after high school.

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