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Persistent and Challenging Behaviors

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Does this picture look familiar ? Today we will be looking at persistent and challenging behaviors children and youth may exhibit, why these behaviors may be happening and strategies you might try to help your young person change in a positive direction.

Youth in military families often face life stressors such as deployment of a parent, return of a parent (sometimes with serious injuries), and moves to a new home.  As they attempt to adjust, youth may encounter mixed emotions about these life events and be unsure of how to manage their feelings. Some children and youth may exhibit disruptive behavior or other forms of expressions that are not socially acceptable.

As a caring adult, you are a key factor in helping your young person move toward positive and socially acceptable actions, self- understanding and improved self-image.

We want to thank each of you for taking the time to be here. Your time is valuable; and we understand that. This course exists solely to help YOU help our military children, and so, on their behalf, and on behalf of their military family members, we thank you for your willingness to be here.

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