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Caregiver Support

The MCEC Let’s Chat About series is a delivery of facilitated discussions addressing topics about children relevant to parents who also serve as a caregiver to a Veteran family member. Each discussion is facilitated by a host who leads the conversation using questions and individual reflection activities to encourage participants to share their concerns, ideas, and offer encouragement and support to other participants. The MCEC understands that Caregivers do not want to be “talked at” and designed the “Let’s Chat” series so that participants can tell their own stories and learn about evidenced-based practices that will assist them in addressing challenges their children may encounter as a result of a parent’s injuries and care plan.

Caregiving is not a new phenomenon; however, the caregivers of our Nation’s wounded, ill, or injured Veterans are usually young spouses, mostly female, with young children, and who are caring for individuals with complex challenges often requiring a lifetime of care. “Let’s Chat” gives an opportunity for these parents to consider not only challenges, but opportunities for their children to thrive in the face of this new normal. 



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“Let’s Chat About …School Success” examines the importance of caregiving parents establishing a line of communication with schools using strategies which address:
     • Discussing difficult topics with a teacher
     • Enhancing and maximizing the results of a parent-teacher conference
     • Dealing with homework challenges.

“Let’s Chat About …Organizing the Important Stuff” explores organization solutions to the sometimes chaotic lives of caregivers.  Providing opportunities to collaborate on working solutions to simplify life, such as:
     • 3 things to do with the unruly mounds of papers
     • From Pinterest to Reality
     • There’s an App for That!

“Let’s Chat About …Choosing a Better Tomorrow for your Young Child” encourages caregiving parents of young children, by discussing:
     • Going beyond resilience and helping children thrive
     • Adults who may be a “champion” for your child
     • Helping children develop an optimistic outlook

“Let’s Chat About…Choosing a Better Tomorrow for your Adolescent Child” encourages caregiving parents of middle and high school children, by discussing:
     • Ways to make family communication work
     • Helping children set and work toward goals
     • Helping young adults develop an optimistic outlook



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This series was developed through a generous grant from the Dole Foundation.