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Videos and Podcasts

Students’ needs change as they develop and transition through different grade levels.
With support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, MCEC produced the following
video series to guide families through the ages and stages of a student’s K-12 experience.
The series provides parents with resources and information to encourage academic success.
Check out these educational and preparatory videos!

Parents have questions, and so do students, about what it takes to be ready – for the next grade, for college, or life after high school. MCEC, with support from the GE Foundation, produced “The Learning Skills Toolbox,” a series of videos that tackle learning and readiness at several stages. The series of six videos includes discussion with students who have special needs and interviews with educators and administrators at the high school and college levels. Great tips for any parent, student, and lifelong learner! Watch the videos and take the survey.

The Learning Skills Toolbox - Think: Perspectives on College and Career Readiness

The Learning Skills Toolbox - Know: "Getting It" - Making Sure Students Understand What's Being Taught

The Learning Skills Toolbox - Act: Skills Students Need to be Lifelong Learners

The Learning Skills Toolbox - Go: Beyond Fitting In - Tips for Understanding College and Workplace Culture

The Learning Skills Toolbox - Planning for Life After High School: A Discussion for Students with Special Needs

The Learning Skills Toolbox - Planning for Life After High School: A Discussion for Gifted and Talented Students

the journey from "welcome home" to "now"
Reintegration Training

The Veterans Crisis Line: Gun Safety

Representative Jimmie Don Aycock (primary author, HB 525)

"A Walk in My Shoes: Military Life" Full Documentary

Charlie Daniels in Tennessee....for the sake of the child.

How MCEC helps military families - a soldier's perspective.

Carthage Central High School Welcome Club - Anti-Bullying Video

Military families struggle with the war at home

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Dr Cozza - Public Engagement
Military families and children are part of the war experience.

Helen McCarty on FedBid Making a Real Difference for Military Children

Helping Military Children Thrive and
Critical Support Information for Educators of Military Students

Military Child Education Common Core Standards Video

Thank you military service men, women and veterans for your service.

Children of the Deployed                                      Connection Corners-Dewey

Friendship Garden                                                 Valentine's Day-San Onofre         




Jefferson: Recognizing the Military Student      Temecula Military Appreciation Day  





Partners at Learning (PAL)                                      Families Overcoming Stress

Eagle's Nest





CollegeOptions Solution

Going to college? Listen to our podcast which discusses scholarships, funding and options for the college-bound military child.

Total College Solution DVD-Rom: Contains information for both students and parents, from achieving the SAT/ACT scores you need, to finding the money to pay for your entire education, and everything before, during and after. Raises SAT and ACT scores and save thousands in college costs. Financial aid, scholarships, grants, athletic programs, work study… everything you need to get into, pay for, and succeed in the college of your choice! Designed for PC and Mac. Eight proven college success products in a single DVD-ROM.
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Do military-connected youth behave differently?

Ever wonder how a military lifestyle affects children? Tune in for a compelling discussion about military-connected youth & their behavior.