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Parent to Parent Teams

What is a Parent to Parent Team?

The Parent to Parent teams provide informative and interactive workshops to groups or organizations in the local community. The length of workshops are usually between twenty minutes and an hour. They can be tailored to meet the group's needs. Participants receive high quality resources and materials that will assist them in their role as their child's best advocate. Workshops are available for different levels including the following: parents of young children; parents with elementary school age children; parents of middle and high school students; middle and high school students; and parents of any age child.

Parent to Parent teams are located in the areas of a number of military installations.The team members are professionally trained and have personal expertise, backed by research. They share practical ideas, proven techniques, and solid resources to support the military parents/guardians of transitioning school-age children.

Most Parent to Parent teams are staffed with three to five military-connected family members (active duty, Reserves, National Guard, or retiree) though some communities have only one or two Parent to Parent Trainers. Staffing is based on the size of the community, availability of qualified applicants at the time of recruitment and military rotation cycles (military spouses move when their service-member spouse moves and vacancies occur throughout the year). These Parent to Parent trainers work an average of 10 to 15 hours per week preparing for and presenting workshops to families and organizations in their respective communities. Teams are funded through contracts or direct contributions to MCEC from philanthropically-minded community organizations and individuals.

All teams are trained, equipped and managed, in the same way, regardless of funding sources. If you would like to investigate how to bring a new Parent to Parent team to your community, please contact: Judy Glennon at (254) 953-1923 or Judy.Glennon@MilitaryChild.org .