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Community Crises and Disasters 
A Parent's Guide to Talking with Children of All Ages

Marjorie E. Korff Pact Program
Massachusetts General Hospital


Students’ needs change as they develop and transition through different grade levels.
With support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, MCEC produced the following
video series to guide families through the ages and stages of a student’s K-12 experience.
The series provides parents with resources and information to encourage academic success.
Check out these educational and preparatory videos!

To learn more about persistent and challenging behaviors exhibited by children and youth check out our online training at www.MilitaryChild.org/learning. Identify sources of these behaviors and learn strategies to angle your child in the right direction.

College, Career and Life Readiness for Military and Veteran Children
A Military and Community Leaders’ Guide



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Brought to you by the Military Child Education Coalition®
made possible through a generous grant from the GE Foundation.

Parents have questions, and so do students, about what it takes to be ready – for the next grade, for college, or life after high school. MCEC, with support from the GE Foundation, produced “The Learning Skills Toolbox,” a series of videos that tackle learning and readiness at several stages. The series of six videos includes discussion with students who have special needs and interviews with educators and administrators at the high school and college levels. Great tips for any parent, student, and lifelong learner! Watch the videos and take the survey.

The Learning Skills Toolbox - Think: Perspectives on College and Career Readiness

The Learning Skills Toolbox - Know: "Getting It" - Making Sure Students Understand What's Being Taught

The Learning Skills Toolbox - Act: Skills Students Need to be Lifelong Learners

The Learning Skills Toolbox - Go: Beyond Fitting In - Tips for Understanding College and Workplace Culture

The Learning Skills Toolbox - Planning for Life After High School: A Discussion for Students with Special Needs

The Learning Skills Toolbox - Planning for Life After High School: A Discussion for Gifted and Talented Students

Dr. Kenneth R. Ginsburg, noted author, lecturer, pediatrician with The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and a member of the MCEC Science Advisory Board, has developed a series of resources designed to help military families lead healthier lives. These developmental and age appropriate tools target everything from effective listening and timeouts to communicating during deployment and college planning.

See this extensive library of insightful and practical resources for parents and youth at:
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National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements

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Special Needs & the Military Child


     The Military Child Education Coalition is happy to present this copy of Military Children
and Families, a Princeton-Brookings publication of The Future of Children journal. The Future
of Children and the Military Child Education Coalition jointly developed this edition
to promote effective policies and programs for military-connected children and their families.
     We hope you will find this journal informative and useful in your professional endeavors.
Perhaps even more so, we hope you will come away with an even greater respect and appreciation
for not only those who serve our nation, but for their families and children as well.


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“This publication sounds a clarion call for action. The clear, powerful, consistent message
of intellectual unity of purpose around the military child and family summons the urgent attention
and action of all with the capacity to assist. The health and well-being of those who have carried
the burdens of service and sacrifice deserve the careful, coordinated system of care that enables
reliable, long-term, sustainable responses to their needs." 

                                                                          -Patty Shinseki, MCEC Board Member

    Keeping the Promise: Maintaining the Health of Military
    and Veteran Families and Children


Seeking Professional Help when Children Need it

Caring for Children During and After Deployment

Supporting Those Caring for Wounded Warriors

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America's Military Youth

Towards A Study of Positive Development in the Face of Challenge
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America's Military Youth

Towards A Study of Positive Development in the Face of Challenge
Executive Summary
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Education Commission of the States
K-12 Military Students

Key Findings and Recommendations of Recent Reports
on Assisting Children of Military Personnel





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Parent to Parent ABC's & 123's

Parent to Parent ABC's & 123's

MCEC Quick Checklist for School Moves


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10 Ways to Help a Military Child


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AAP Military Children Clinical Report May 2013


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The Condition of Education 2013


From Chalkboards to Tablets: The Digital Conversion of the K-12 Classroom

A Policy Leaders' Guide to Military Children


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The USAA Educational Foundation
Children with Special Needs







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Staying Strong: a parent guidance website for military connected families.

Staying Strong is designed to support the resilience of military-connected children and families through free on-line educational tools and guidance. Staying Strong is for military-connected parents and family members, educators, school nurses and other school professionals, and the community. To learn about Staying Strong and to find materials for the initiative please visit www.StayingStrong.org.

Dealing with Bullying

Information from The USAA Educational Foundation.
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A Military Parent's Guide to School Policies and Transitions
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K-12 Core Curriculum Standards
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New Resources from Ron Avi Astor, Linda Jacobson, and Rami Benbenishty

MCEC has partnered with Dr. Ron Astor and Teachers College Press to publish four complementary guides in support of military-connected students. The informative books and videos provide guidance on a host of education related issues of particular interest to military families.
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