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Living in the New Normal (LINN)

Helping Children Thrive Through Good & Challenging Times


The MCEC® Living in the New NormalInstitute (LINN-I) encourages families to ensure their children have tools to bounce back from life’s storms and “stressors”, fosters community support efforts, and provides concerned adults with information to help support children during times of uncertainty, trauma, and loss. The MCEC LINN-I efforts are predicated on the belief that children’s inherent attributes of courage and resiliency can be strengthened through deliberate encouragement.



The target audience is area school district guidance counselors and other professional educators, social workers, school nurses, installation leaders, transition specialists, community professionals, military parents, as well as other caring adults interested in learning more about improving the education of military connected-children and youth.

Learning Outcomes

• Differentiate affective aspects of children dealing with change
• Recognize how a family member’s military experience affects the child
• Formulate methods that build resilience and maximize the natural strengths of children
• Identify national, military and community resources currently in place to support children
• Create a unique home front plan to address needs of military children in your community

General Topics

• The Grief Process
• Foundations of Positive Psychology
• Developmental Responses of Children
• Coping Styles of Children
• Unique Military Factors & Compounding Factors
• Strengths
• Mindfulness & Interventions
• Fostering Resilience
• Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
• Recognizing Your Circle of Support
• Creating a Plan for the Home Front

Credits Available

Upon institute completion (95% attendance, completions and a score of 80% or above on an end-of-course assessment), participants may apply for Continuing Education Unit (CEU) credit (12 hours=1.2) for $25.00 and/or 1 hour of graduate credit from Texas A & M-Central Texas for $175.00. Fees are payable at the completion of the training.