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Sierra Flake

In the summer of 2013, Sierra and her family moved to Washington state. Sierra began school at Steilacoom High School and wanted what most kids want, to make friends. “I love being a military kid,” shared Sierra. “It has made me who I am. I wouldn’t have these experiences and have met these people if we weren’t part of the military.” Her feelings, as expressed by her father, were an interesting phenomenon as Sierra wasn’t always that way. “Sierra initially didn’t have tendencies to want to move. When we left a friend’s house she would break down. If we left a situation she was happy being in, it was hard for her to transition. So it’s interesting now because something that could have been a weakness and limited her became something, as she got older, she now thrives on and embraces,” her father shared.

Sierra expressed that every move for her and her siblings had been difficult for unique reasons. “It takes about a year to settle in, and at about two years you start thinking that we’re going to move again and I have to let go.” Sierra continued, “But what these moves do for us is show us how to push through the change and make the best of the situation. Even though it’s hard, we cope with it.”

Sierra’s life as a military child enabled her to develop skills of resilience and perseverance, something consistent with the skills most military kids are able to acquire.