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St George’s Scholars Program

St. George’s Scholars Program

A boarding school scholarship program for children of active duty military personnel

Program Overview:
      In recognition of their service to the nation and in support of the unique demands and sacrifices of military personnel and their families, St. George’s school is seeking to provide up to four fully funded scholarships for children of active duty military personnel in the 2013-2014 school year.

The School:
       St. George’s School is an independent college-preparatory school serving grades 9 through 12 located just outside of Newport, R.I. It was founded in 1896 by the Rev. John Byron Diman, who opened what he called at the time a “small boarding school for boys” in the city of Newport. Set on a hill overlooking Second Beach and the Atlantic Ocean, the school has been coeducational since 1972 and enrolls 360 boarding and day students equally split between boys and girls. The students represent 23 states and 18 nations.

      Academic and athletic achievement, along with diversity, service, and mutual support within the fabric of a close-knit community are hallmarks of St. George’s. The school has an Episcopal heritage yet welcomes students of all faiths. In serving students from across the nation and around the world, St. George’s believes that “exposing students, faculty and staff to a wide range of ideas, experiences and cultures, examining and challenging preconceptions, and exploring different ways of thinking enhance the learning experience and reflect the school’s educational mission.” The result is an educational community with strong values, high academic standards, and a rich vitality and purpose.

      The school is also committed to excellence across a wide range of pursuits—intellectual, spiritual and physical. Father Diman wrote in his original “Purposes of the School,” a document that remains the basis for the school’s Mission Statement, that “the specific objectives of St. George’s are to give its students the opportunity of developing to the fullest extent possible the particular gifts that are theirs and to encourage in them the desire to do so. Their immediate job after leaving school is to handle successfully the demands of college; later it is hoped that their lives will be ones of constructive service to the world and to God.”

The Scholars Program:
      The Scholars Program has been created to recognize and support “constructive service to the world” by extending the opportunity to attend St. George’s to children of active duty military personnel, a segment of the population already dedicated to that ideal. The program seeks to attract and enroll military connected children who as students, classmates, and peers would thrive at St. George’s. It is the hope of the school that these students will grow and contribute to our community, but also add an important dimension to the school given their service background and the inherent family values they bring. We anticipate that these students will be intelligent and talented, diverse and worldly, and that they will understand the significance of the educational experience offered at St. George’s.

      The relevance of the Scholars Program is clear and uniquely appealing. For young military families, perpetually on the move, never wedded to one place or locale for an extended period of time, the program
provides a student with the stability of a seamless high-school experience. Students develop roots, form friendships and create meaningful relationships with classmates and the faculty in an environment that offers consistency no matter where their families are or how often they move.

      Related to stability is the concept of structure. St. George’s is committed to a blend of tradition and structure in which time-honored intellectual traditions and values of honor, responsibility, and service are emphasized and woven into the daily lives of all students. The community is alive and organic, but also it is aligned in terms of expectations and conduct. Students grow and learn, and they do so in the presence of adults who offer direction, advice, and security.

      The notion of leadership is at the core of any program dedicated to shaping young lives, especially in the case of military families for whom the trait is ingrained. We believe at St. George’s that we can teach leadership, and that we can encourage our students to rise to leadership over the course of their careers here. The school prepares students for leadership and offers untold opportunity to pursue leadership roles early on, and especially as they transition to their junior and senior years.

      Finally, part and parcel of all that goes on at St. George’s is the striving for excellence. Students assume it naturally in their experience here, whether as a byproduct of academic rigor, or athletic endeavor, or moral principle. The school pursues excellence as an institution and on behalf of its students. It is a standard that follows and remains with them well beyond their years on the campus.

Logistics and Timeline:
St. George’s invites students from active duty military families to apply to the Scholars Program. Selection for the program and a determination of the amount of aid provided will be made by the school’s Financial Aid Committee in accordance with St. George’s policies and practices regarding financial aid. Supporting documentation from the family will also be required.

Step 1
• Contact the St. George’s admission office directly via email at military@stgeorges.edu to express an interest in the program. The school will follow up to collect some basic background information and will send application materials directly to the family.

Step 2
• By February 1, 2013, students submit completed school applications.

Step 3
• Parents submit financial aid applications by way of PFS forms electronically at www.sss.nais.org
• Parents mail copies of supporting information (Federal 1040 and W2 materials) to SSS by NAIS.

Step 4
• By March 10, 2013, the school notifies recipients of the admission decision.

Step 5
• By April 10, 2013, recipients decide whether to accept the admission offer and enroll.
Contact Personnel:

Contact Personnel:
St. George’s School Admission Office:  Jeff Dwyer:  jeff_dwyer@stgeorges.edu
MCEC:   Brenda Coffield:  brenda.coffield@militarychild.org