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Laura Aquilino

Laura Aquilino
Originally from Massapequa, New York, Laura is a graduate of Hofstra University.

She “joined the Navy” 32 years ago when she married her aviator husband, Chris (aka Lung) Aquilino. The majority of those years were spent in Virginia Beach, raising their two daughters. During the last five years, Laura has moved with her husband to Hawaii, Washington, DC, and Bahrain. They have just recently returned to Hawaii.

Laura’s past work experience reflects her interest in working with people and especially children of all ages. She has worked in Manhattan’s Garment Center, as a flight attendant with Eastern Airlines, as a long-term substitute teacher for Virginia Beach City Schools and as a preschool teacher in Fairfax, Virginia. Laura has held many volunteer positions, her longest commitment was in Virginia Beach where she spent 10 years as the Joint District Commissioner, responsible for instruction and testing, with the Cape Henry Pony Club. She continues to enjoy working with young riders, horses and being outdoors. While in Hawaii, she had the privilege to sit on the board of the Armed Services YMCA and was also involved with C.O.R.E. Living in Washington, DC, brought many opportunities to engage with fellow military spouses. In 2016, she was the co-chair for the NFLEX program, which welcomes and educates new Flag and SES spouses.

Laura’s favorite way to spend her time is with her family and friends. Other pastimes include hiking, reading and travel.