MCEC stands with our military-connected students, their families, those who educate them, and the support structures that serve them. MCEC also welcomes our brave Afghan families and their students, whose service and sacrifice in support of Operations ENDURING FREEDOM and FREEDOM’S SENTINEL, at great risk, have earned them the support we provide our military-connected students as they, too, navigate extraordinary change.


Nobody understands the challenges associated with moves more than military-connected students. As the children of Afghan families arrive in the U.S., they will experience the same unknowns that so many military kids face every year. That’s why we have pulled together these resources that can be helpful in addressing many student-specific questions and provide helpful information to prepare them to welcome new Afghan students into their local schools and communities. We are here for you!
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Military-connected parents and families have always been a source of strength within their communities. As Afghan families begin to arrive in communities across the U.S. they will need your support and strength to welcome them during a challenging time. MCEC understands that parents are always their child’s best advocates, and that’s why we have provided these resources to support you and help build recognition and awareness of the signs and impact that transitions can have on a child’s social-emotional well-being. Our hope is these resources can present opportunities to explore ways to have healthy conversations and address questions and concerns together as you work as a family to welcome new families to your local communities.
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Educators and youth-serving professionals lay the foundation for all students to be successful. The education system has seen the impact military moves and transitions have on military-connected kids. As schools see their classes grow from the arrivals of Afghan families to their districts, MCEC is proud to highlight these resources to assist leaders with additional tools to provide support to current students and families and be prepared to welcome new families and students in their communities from Afghanistan.
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MCEC is one of many organizations who stand ready to support the arrival of Afghan families to the U.S. We are proud to share this list of resources from other partners, collaborators, and advocates that can address the changes happening with the arrival of Afghan families. We are here to help and support, and our hope that you will join us in sharing this information to raise awareness about the outstanding support we can offer to work with our families here in the U.S. and welcome those from Afghanistan.
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