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The Military Child Education Coalition (MCEC) believes it’s important for professionals to know how to identify and respond to the complex needs of military-connected children and youth. Across disciplines such as education, healthcare, childcare, and business, MCEC trains professionals to address the unique challenges facing our military children.

All training is grounded in research and presented by highly skilled instructors.

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The Military Child Education Coalition (MCEC) shares your commitment to educational rigor, excellence, and integrity. MCEC works to ensure quality professional development coursework emphasizing skills needed to address challenges military and veteran-connected children face.

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Supporting Veterans' Children through Transitions™ (SVCTT) More Info
Responding to Military Children with Exceptional Needs™ (RMCEN) More Info
The Journey from “Welcome Home” to Now: Reunion, Reconnecting, Routine™ - Online More Info
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I can not express enough how wonderful the GLU kits are. I have a few MCEC books and lessons plans from 2012-2014 time frame (before the kits) and now the Seasons of Change kit. I use these books and lessons in so many ways. I can offer small groups here in the Airmen and Family Readiness Program Manager Office, use the books for activities on Family Days, offer children sessions at YRRP, and I have even taught a lesson with a small group using Heart Strings at the funeral of AMN who died of suicide. We even let families sign out the books and plans if it would benefit them at home. I love how the messages transcend ages and have used the books and lessons from ages 1-18. I wold love to to broaden our library here at the DE ANG so others can continue to benefit from these wonderful kits and themes that correlate with military life. Thank you!
Rebecca Price
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The ability to influence educational outcomes as an agency for military-connected K-12 students is best leveraged through outreach and partnerships with school districts and the military community.

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