About Community Coordinators

Community Coordinators serve as the liaison to the local and regional military-connected community. Each coordinator will engage parents, educators, school liaisons, business, and civil leaders, and other stakeholders to share MCEC resources and programs. Community Coordinators provide guidance and assistance to military families, schools/districts, and installations.

Our Objective

Their primary objective is to assist district and campuses in Purple Star School readiness efforts through awareness, education, and implementation of MCEC services needed to meet state requirements for Purple Star designation.  

They will build and sustain positive relationships among students, parents, school personnel, community members, school liaisons, and other installation personnel.

Meet Our Coordinators:

Phone Number
Enterprise, AL                Jennifer Nelson               phone
254.953.1923 ext. 1136
Huntsville, AL                Debbie Maddry               phone
254.953.1923 ext. 1160
Huntsville, AL  Sonya Mulack phone 254.953.1923 ext. 1129 contact
Montgomery, AL Elita Jackson phone 254.953.1923 ext. 1158 contact
Montgomery, AL Rachel Surles phone 254.953.1923 ext. 1155 contact
Phenix City, AL Jasponica Florence phone 254.953.1923 ext. 1156 contact
Fort Campbell, KY Danielle Keelty phone 254.953.1923 ext. 1164 contact
Charleston, SC Sarah Schackelton phone 254.953.1923 ext. 1151 contact
Shaw AFB, SC  Katie Baker phone 254.953.1923 ext. 1118


Columbia, SC Sara Jane Arnett phone 254.953.1923 ext. 1142

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Fort Cavazos, TX Gene-a Salvati phone 254.953.1923 ext. 1154 contact
San Antonio, TX Antonio Cuevas phone 254.953.1923 ext. 1147 contact