Cracking the Code for #milkids

A Key to America's Future

military kids

The 2020 NTS theme, Cracking the Code for #milkids: A Key to America’s Future, pulls from ideas discussed in the Thomas Friedman New York Times OpEd (Feb 12, 2019), The Two Codes your Kids Need to Know. Friedman asserts that the key to success in college and life is “the ability to master two codes – computer science and the U.S. Constitution." 

Through experiential, interactive learning, and critical thinking, NTS sessions and presentations combine practical strategies and real-world illustrations essential to understanding various dimensions of the military-connected child using research-informed practice.

Drawing from the concepts in Friedman’s NYT’s OpEd, the 2020 NTS session content will explore:

Educational opportunities to study the rights and duties of citizenship and empowering students to embrace civic behaviors like voting or volunteering

Computer science, technology, and mastering communication between humans and machines

Education, development, and social and emotional learning

Public and private partnerships, working together towards common goals, and cooperative arrangements

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