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The MCEC National Training Seminar is an event for everyone interested in serving and supporting military and veteran-connected children. Our attendees include:

  • Educators including teachers, counselors, and administrators whose school systems serve military connected students
  • Youth Serving and Family Program Professionals from both the military and other government organizations as well as those who work in community based service organizations
  • Health Professionals including practitioners and researchers
  • Higher Education Professionals
  • Military Family Members
  • Military Leaders
Benefits of Attending

Through the NTS, MCEC connects attendees with the resources, knowledge and community to best support military children in an educational setting.  Attendees gain professional learning based on research, practice and common sense ideas that help ensure every military child is safe, supported, challenged, healthy and engaged in learning. 

For more than 20 years, our National Training Seminar (NTS) has evolved into a think tank for attendees to come together and learn from senior military, education, and thought leaders to gain an empowered understanding and knowledge of how to best serve and support our military and veteran-connected children.

The National Training Seminar provides each attendee:

  • New Professional Connections and Resources that expand their professional learning community and provide them with support and guidance.   
  • Clarity, Knowledge, Direction, and Inspiration that can be applied to advance learning opportunities for military and veteranconnected children.
  • Initiatives and Proven Solutions that support military youth and can be implemented in classrooms, schools, and communities. 
  • Understanding of public policy perspectives and the implications for programs and services.
Making the Investment

We recognize that resources for professional development are limited and have provided a few ideas to help you articulate the rationale and ROI for your organization to make the investment to send you to 2020 NTS. 

  • Clearly make the connection between your organization's expectations for your base of knowledge and how the conference contributes directly to increasing it. 
  • Be results-oriented and focus on the new information or concepts you will bring back to your school or organization to drive leadership efforts to support military-connected children. 
  • Share your learning by offering to prepare and deliver a short presentation to your colleagues and leadership sharing evidence-based promising practices your organization can effectively implement and leverage.
  • Make the most of your trip by extending your learning with a Pre-Seminar Professional Development Training session.
  • Connect with your peers by taking advantage of the opportunity to meet with other attendees, presenters, and exhibitors who share your expertise and passion for supporting military-connected children.

This seminar encompasses everything that is vital to understanding the military child in a 'one-stop shopping experience'. It is always well planned and executed, offers relevant workshop opportunities, and seeks to include all participants from various professional backgrounds that work with military children, to include the students themselves. – School Personnel

Great opportunities to interact with individuals dedicated to the common goal of helping military-connected children. – Military School Liaison Officer

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