2019 National Training Seminar

Jul 23-25 2019 - Renaissance Washington DC Downtown Hotel - Washington DC

Lunch and Learn

Thursday 12:20 - 1:30 pm

Counting Young Children in the 2020 Census Helps Them Thrive; What Military Families Need to Know -
Mount Vernon Square A | Meeting Room Level
Deborah Stein

Network Director, Partnership for America’s Children

Did you know that young children were the largest group undercounted in the 2010 Census, and that it is a particularly important issue affecting military-connected children? Children who move frequently, children who live with someone other than parents, and children of color are all at a higher risk of being missed. Join this session to understand why it’s important that all children be accurately counted, and to learn what tools and resources are available to families and educators to ensure young children are accurately counted in the 2020 Census.  

Who Am I Forgetting? National Guard & Reserve Kids -
Mount Vernon Square B | Meeting Room Level
Carolyn Davis, Ed.D.

School Counselor, Sevier County, TN

One foot in the civilian world; the other, in the military!  The children and youth of the National Guard and Reserves are your neighbors, your students, and your children's friends.  As educators, coaches, behavioral health specialists and more, do we know who these children are?  And, more importantly, do we know about the challenges in their lives and how we can support them?  Join this facilitated discussion that will introduce you to the kids across America whose Moms and Dads are our Citizen Soldiers.

Leveraging Service Learning to Develop Inclusive High School Leaders -
Congressional A | Ballroom Level
Lieutenant Colonel Daniel J. Watola

Ph.D., United States Air Force Academy

Cadet First Class Hanna J. Guckenberg 

United States Air Force Academy

Representatives of the Department of Behavioral Sciences and Leadership (DFBL) at the United States Air Force Academy (USAFA) will discuss their on-going partnership with the Military Child Education Coalition (MCEC) to jointly develop leaders of character for the United States Air Force and inclusive student leaders for Student-2-Student programs.  The presentation will begin with a description of how DFBL educates, trains, and develops cadet leaders by collaborating with MCEC to produce the Frances Hesselbein Student Leadership Program (FHSLP) at USAFA.  It will end with an interactive audience discussion that suggests ways school faculty and staff can leverage DFBL theories and methods to develop the leadership capacity of their own students.  

How to Create and Sustain a Healthy and Fit School -
Congressional B | Ballroom Level
Mikel Shanklin

Principal, Freedom Elementary, Fort Sill, OK

Sara Breeze

Assistant Principal, Freedom Elementary, Fort Sill, OK 

Brenda Walker,

Assistant Principal, Freedom Elementary, Fort Sill, OK

Hailey Crow

Assistant Principal, Freedom Elementary, Fort Sill, OK

“TOWER GARDENS, PARFAIT PARTIES, FIT STOPS, & COLOR RUNS” Join one of America’s Healthiest Schools as the administrative team from Freedom Elementary, located on Fort Sill, share valuable information on how to create and sustain a healthy and fit school environment.  Participants will learn creative ways to incorporate healthy school parties, fundraisers, physical activity, farm to school activities and much more.  Participants will receive handouts to include healthy snacks, classroom fitness activities, and fundraising ideas.