I think I’m pretty lucky to be a military kid, sometimes it’s hard because we move around a lot but it gives me a chance to try new things and meet new people. This school year I got to live with my aunt and cousin [with both parents deployed] and we got to experience a hurricane together, it was so crazy. When I was living in North Carolina I was able to join the Military Kids group at my school and met other kids like me so that was cool...
And I was super lucky, during our deployment I was able to FaceTime with my parents and get phone calls!

Mikayla | Grade 2 | US Air Force


What inspired me to draw this picture was my dad. He was in the Marine Corps. When I grow up I want to be just like my dad and join the Marines. I think everyone should know that being a military kid is hard because we are always moving and missing our family like grandma, grandpa, aunties, uncles and cousins. I still love being a military kid.
Kyron | Grade 2 | US Marines

My inspiration behind my poem was how I felt before my first big move overseas and how I felt after my first big move overseas. I have moved five times, have attended 4 different schools, and my Dad has been on five deployments. Being a military child I get to meet new people, travel to new places, and create incredible memories.
Madilyne | Grade 8 | US Marines

We are a very diverse group of very normal kids. We tend to appreciate family time more than most because we experience so many separations. Some benefits include self discipline, easy access to museums on post, opportunities like youth/teen centers and the MWR, support from friends and adults that understand the challenges we face, moving to see new places and have new experiences. I hope to one day be a Catholic Chaplain (priest) in the Marine Corps. 
Jose | Grade 9 | US Army

When the nation calls persons to defend her, the families affected by one of their members answering the call face worries and changes in their daily lives. This image symbolizes those who must share a loved one with the nation. Purple is the color of military kids and the color of the sky in my painting. Yellow ribbons on the trees symbolize waiting for someone to return.
Estefany | Grade 11 | US Army