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Core Values
Leadership - Student Character Growth
  • Being a role model.
  • Changing the way students feel about the new student.
  • Growing your JS2S program for the future.
Academics - Educational Adjustments
  • Encouraging education success.
  • Informing them of unique aspects for the new school.
  • Providing them resources.
Service - Community Outreach
  • Giving back to the school.
  • Giving back to the community.
  • Giving back to the world.
Finding the Way - Campus, Culture, and Community
  • Campus - Helping the new students learn their way around the new school
  • Culture - The behaviors and beliefs characteristic that make your school unique.
  • Community - The good your community has to offer.
Relationships - 100% Acceptance
  • Acceptance - Creating an environment where all are respected.
  • Belonging - Helping the new student find a place where they fit and feel accepted.
  • Connections - Introducing the new student to other with the like qualities, values, and interests.
How Does My Middle School Get JS2S?

Training cost typically begin around $10,000 for one school and goes up depending on number of schools, students, adults and location of the training. The cost include trainers’ salary, travel and lodging, student resources, materials, breakfast and lunch, plus continual MCEC support while program is in place.

Step One: Contact Debra Longley with MCEC at 254-953-1923 ext. 1136 or email to see if there is available MCEC funding for your school. During the conversation, she will discuss presenting to your administration.

If there is funding available, please see step two. If there is no funding available. Debra will talk with you about options for funding.

Step Two: Contact your school administration. Set up a time to present your ideas regarding JS2S in your school. Things to include

  • Why JS2S is important:
  • The mission of JS2S
  • Who MCEC is
  • How many students will be trained
  • Results of a JS2S training
  • Cost of Training
  • Cost of maintaining a program – Typical cost include socials, resources for next students, and other items your JS2S might need to grow and be successful
  • Ask for approval to proceed with training.

Step Three: Call Debra Longley and step up training dates once approved. We typically need 2 months for planning training.

Step Four: See Training is Coming to My School section below.

How Does My Student Participate in JS2S?

Each school determines how students can get involved in JS2S. Have your child contact their guidance counselor and ask for information. Your guidance counselor may not be the JS2S sponsor but they will know who is. Speak with the sponsors about meeting times, future plans, and how you can get involved in the campus JS2S program.

My Student is New to a Middle School with JS2S

MCEC strives to have program continuant among all our schools through training and support.  Please make your new school counselor aware that MCEC has them listed as an active school.  Students could be given a tour and provided a friend to eat lunch with on the first day of school.  If they are not given a tour,  ask for one.  Making connections with JS2S sponsor at your school by asking for the name and email of sponsor.  Each program should provide multiple ways for you new student connect.  

MCEC Training is Coming to My Middle School

Parent Info for JS2S

Your child was selected to attend training because your school administration sees outstanding leadership, empathy and kindness for others in them.

Your child will learn the core values and how to establish a program in their school.

Training is two days. Times and location are provided to your school. Your school will inform you of transportation. Breakfast and lunch are served at the training., Please make sure you provide us with any food restrictions when registering. We cannot always guarantee to meet these restriction but we make all attempts. If you feel it necessary, please feed your child breakfast at home and pack a lunch. Typical food served is pizza, sub sandwiches, pastries and fruit, breakfast burritos. We will use local restaurants for food.

How much does it cost to be included in JS2S? MCEC does not charge for being part of JS2S. Some schools determine the need for dues. To attend training, there is no cost.

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