MCEC Parent to Parent community-based teams offer workshops with practical ideas, proven techniques, and solid resources to support military families. Staffed with military-connected parents who are professionally trained and sourced with materials based on the latest research on a wide range of topics of interest to military families.  The first teams were placed in military communities in 2006 and since that time, more than 260,000 participants have come through our MCEC Parent to Parent workshops world-wide.

Parent to Parent Teams usually consist of 2 to 4 highly-trained professionals and they concentrate on providing the Parent Workshops to families in their region.  The teams are familiar with the needs of the parents in their home communities because they are personally involved in their children’s schools and other organizations where parents come together.  They use their knowledge and training to bring the most important information and resources to these same school and organization constituents in interactive and informative workshops designed to educate parents and other caring adults as they guide our military-connected children through their educational journey.  

Contact your local Parent to Parent team and request a workshop for your organization by clicking on their location in the side-bar to the right.  We will get back to you to coordinate details soon!

MCEC Parent to Parent Staff at 2019 National Training SeminarMCEC Parent to Parent Educators at 2019 National Training Seminar.

For Communities without a resident Parent to Parent team we offer Parent Education Seminars.   Military-connected families live in every zip code. Not all communities have the military population that supports a resident team, but these families still need access to the great information offered in our MCEC Parent to Parent workshops.  To meet this need, we developed Parent Education Seminars.  These one-day, interactive seminars allow host organizations to bring the same great workshops offered through a community-based team to their military families.  Hosting organizations may choose from our catalog of more than 100 workshops with topics of interest to parents of all age ranges, from pre-kindergarten through post-secondary level education.  Communities without a resident Parent to Parent team may contact us about hosting a Parent Education Seminar. This one-day interactive seminar provides our most requested parent education workshops and resources. Seminars are available to Installations and civilian communities and school districts for a nominal fee.  If you are interested in bringing a seminar to your community, contact the MCEC Parent Initiatives Program Manager, Judy Glennon, via email or by phone at 254.953.1923 x 1142.

We offer a wide-range of workshops from which to choose, from early literacy workshops to STEM-focused workshops for elementary school parents as well as workshops for middle and high school parents.  Watch the short movie clip below to get an idea of what happens during a Speedometry Workshop, which can be requested wherever we have a local Community-based Parent to Parent team.

Parent to Parent FAQs

How can I find out about workshops in my area?

The best way to find out about the programs in your area is to email or call the team using the contact information in the sidebar.  You may also follow the team Facebook page by entering "Parent to Parent -" and then the city where they are located using the list on the sidebar, i.e. "Parent to Parent - Charleston, SC".  

We do not have a team at our installation. Can we get this training for our parents?

Yes, there is an option to have a team come to your installation for a one time training event. More information about this option can be obtained by contacting the MCEC Parent Programs Manager at the MCEC office (254.953.1923 ext 1142)

Where are you hiring?

A list of program locations can be found in the sidebar. For specific information about vacancies at these locations, as well as training dates, contact the MCEC Parent to Parent Manager at the MCEC office. (254.953.1923 ext. 1142)

Is there training?

Yes. Training for new team members is provided through a hybrid of virtual training and OJT with the community team. An annual update and refresher training is usually held in conjunction with the MCEC National Training Seminar each year in July. All expenses for the training are covered and the participants receive a stipend for completing the training.

Employment Opportunities

MCEC is always looking for great candidates for our Parent to Parent Teams. Vacancies are filled on an on-going basis. Applications for qualified candidates are kept on file until vacancies are identified and slots are filled. Links for team locations, hiring flyers and Parent to Parent Employment Applications are listed below.

Teams with open positions are listed on our Employment Opportunities page.
Click here to download the Parent to Parent Application.

Need more information?

For more information regarding the Parent to Parent Program or employment opportunities for the program, contact us at 254-953-1923 ext. 1142 or contact the Parent Initiatives Program Manager.

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