A message to military-connected parents from the MCEC Parent Initiatives Team

We recognize that you are charting unknown waters right now.  As military families, we know you are used to change and uncertainty.  We also know that one of the constants for your children has been school and their social networks, both of which have been abruptly halted for the foreseeable future.  This is a kind of uncertainty that none of us were prepared for and we want you to know that we are working every day to pull together resources and ideas that you can use to not only help reduce loss of skills but also ease your and your child(ren)’s peace of mind.

Below, you can still find information on our parent programs, but we have curated some resources, webinars and virtual workshops that we believe are of particular value during these uncertain times.

Though we have instructed our community-based Parent to Parent teams to cancel their scheduled face-to-face workshops, each of them are busy preparing to present them to you virtually through their Facebook pages and here, on this page of our website.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to

As always, we hope that you and your family are safe and well.


Contact your local Parent to Parent team by clicking on their location in the side-bar to the right to find out what virtual workshops they will be offering for your community.
Emily Barton, Team Lead with MCEC Parent to Parent - Montgomery, AL, presents a virtual workshop
using the book Puff, Puff Fish and sharing easy to do activities to do at home with your children. 

PtoP Montgomery EL Workshop - Puff, Puff Fish

View Workshop on Facebook

Christina Groenendal, MCEC Parent to Parent Educator with the Fort Hood Parent to Parent team,
and her children, read Peanut Butter and Cupcake and talk about recipes, sequencing and
getting your kids involved in preparing meals and snacks.

PtoP Team Hood reads Peanut Butter and Cupcake View Workshop on Facebook

MCEC Parent to Parent Educator, Kim Armstrong, with the Phenix City, AL Parent to Parent team
presents a segment of our workshop on Kids in the Kitchen and demonstrates an easy recipe for
homemade ice cream that your kids can make themselves.

PtoP Phenix City - Kids in the Kitchen Workshop

View Workshop on Facebook

Angela Gomez, Team Lead Educator with the MCEC Parent to Parent team serving Joint Base San Antonio,
demonstrates a simple activity to show your children how germs spread.

PtoP JBSA - How Germs Spread

View on Facebook

Melanie Douglas, MCEC Master Parent Educator and Team Lead for MCEC Parent to Parent Colorado Springs presents an Early Literacy Workshop with stories and crafts you can do with your children

PtoP COS - Imagine EL Workshop

View Workshop on Facebook

MCEC Parent to Parent Staff at 2019 National Training SeminarMCEC Parent to Parent Educators at 2019 National Training Seminar.


Parent to Parent FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding COVID-19 and Our Children's Education
  1. Homeschool Status.   If our children were enrolled in public school before the COVID-19 Crisis, now that their public school is now closed, are they now considered homeschool students?

    Answer:  Students enrolled in public schools who are being taught virtually or through other means with parent support are not considered homeschooled students. They are still public school students learning in their homes. Which means, since they are not a registered homeschool (most states require some form of registering), they are not a homeschool and do not need to worry about meeting state homeschool laws. This also means that when they move to a new state, they are still protected by the Interstate Compact since their child is in public school. If a parent chooses to disenroll their child from public school and establish a homeschool within the rules of the state they are residing they can. However, when they move their child would not be covered by the Interstate Compact. 
  2. PCS and Enrolling during COVID-19.  If we PCS during COVID-19 and the schools at our new duty station are closed so that we cannot register, what will this mean for our children as far as getting credit for completing the school year?  

    Answer:  This has become an issue in some states.  Due to the method in which schools were closed, schools may not have been permitted to enroll new students for a time.  We understand that schools will be working with the families caught in this situation individually on a case by case basis.  Clearly, this will be handled differently in each district.  We encourage parents to be patient as it may take a week or two due to staff reductions and limited support on school campuses. Our best recommendation is for parents to start at the district level when seeking information, as many schools may not have any staff on site, but the district offices will likely have skeleton staff available to answer questions of this nature. 
    Additionally, parents may want to consider contacting the sending school before they leave to see if their child can continue attending the sending school virtually until the receiving school can accept them.  Ideally, all schools will work with families to make this possible.  However, it is likely that it will depend on how military-friendly the school district and community is.


A special thank you to Rollie Sampson, District Military Liaison for Moore County Schools, Moore County, North Carolina for providing us with this important and timely information.

Parent to Parent Workshop List with Descriptions

Find a detailed list of our available workshops by topic and age applicability on the 
Parent to Parent Workshop List with Descriptions

How can I find out about workshops in my area?

The best way to find out about the programs in your area is to email or call the team using the contact information in the sidebar.  You may also follow the team Facebook page by entering "Parent to Parent -" and then the city where they are located using the list on the sidebar, i.e. "Parent to Parent - Charleston, SC".  

We do not have a team at our installation. Can we get this training for our parents?

Yes, there is an option to have a team come to your installation for a one time training event. More information about this option can be obtained by contacting the MCEC Parent Programs Manager at the MCEC office (254.953.1923 ext 1142)

Need more information?

For more information regarding the Parent to Parent Program contact us at 254-953-1923 ext. 1142 or contact the Parent Initiatives Program Manager.

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