Navigating Methods of S2S Support w/ Widefield High School S2S

Join S2S Students, Cassie and Evan, from Widefield High School in Colorado Springs to discuss what it’s been like to navigate remote learning and how they served new students during COVID.  They will share lessons their team learned and new skills they gained and how they plan to apply their new-found knowledge in the future.

Recruiting New Members w/ North Augusta High School S2S Team     

The ’21 MCEC S2S High School Team of the Year
The North Augusta S2S team presents unique & fun ways to recruit members to get your program known through-out your school. Come learn how this S2S team gets people excited about S2S!   

Travis Manion Foundation: Character Does Matter 

By sharing stories of real people who exemplify great character and leadership, Travis Manion Foundation CDM Mentors demonstrate what it means to live the “If Not Me, Then Who…” ethos – and then challenge students to do the same. Join Vishal Amin, one of the Travis Manion Foundation's veteran mentors as he shares a few stories.  

Smithsonian American Art Museum: 1st Impressions  

1st  impressions - Art can be challenging when it doesn’t look like anything you’ve seen before; it isn’t “beautiful” (what does beautiful mean anyway?) or shreds and stacks a common material, like paper. The Smithsonian American Art Museum’s collection encapsulates America’s stories from before the Constitution was signed to today’s conflicts and dreams. When the average museum-goer spends 5 seconds looking at an artwork, what do they gain from these 1st Impressions? Why spend more time with that artwork? Why do art museums and artworks even exist? What relevancy does it have to your world? Explore the answers to these questions by digging into the secrets of artworks ranging from recognizable human figures to abstractions.

Bridging the Gap between Military and Civilian Communities through Service w/ Rocky Mountain Classical Academy S2S Team

’21 MCEC S2S Middle School Team of the Year 
’20 MCEC S2S Elite Team of the Year
Join the Rocky Mountain Classical Academy S2S Team as they showcase service projects they’ve initiated to bring together military and civilian students and families in their community- all while keeping focused on the S2S core value of 100% acceptance.

Sponsor Roundtable         

Tracy Brown facilitates a chat with some of our Best and Brightest S2S sponsors.  We have fabulous sponsors that will represent each level of secondary education. No need to reinvent the wheel….get some tips and give some of your own advice on how your S2S works. 

Smithsonian American Art Museum:
Transition > Change> Transform

What transitions are taking place around you/inside of you? Change is inevitable. Yet the transitions between changes can have good and bad things happening at the same time. How can artworks and the process of putting a museum exhibit together help you identify, understand and cope with these changes, along with any complicated feelings that are generated?

Future Ready through Service 

Join Makenzie and Jameson as they discuss ways they have found to serve the needs of their community through the founding of non-profit organizations. Learn how Makenzie and Jameson each started their non-profit and how service to their community has provided them with essential life skill that will guide them along the way to being college-, work-, and life-ready!

"Show Me the Money: Teaching Kids the Value of a Dollar" 

A workshop designed for students and their parents to experience together.  In the first half of the webinar, Student Programs taught the students the "value of a dollar" to instill in them that money comes from hard work.  This section also addressed saving, spending, and budgeting.  In the second half, the Parent Programs shared concepts to foster a moneywise home environment, including budgeting, entrepreneurship, and paying children for chores at home.  The Parent Team also discussed fun ways to teach math concepts in practical ways. 

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Who Me? A discussion on Anxiety and Depression in Teens

Student 2 Student Team, in partnership with Dr. Ben Strader at Joint Base Lewis- McChord, presented "Who Me?" which was a discussion of the impact of anxiety and depression in teens with students, parents, and professionals that provided coping tools to start the process of overcoming depression and anxiety.  The “Who Me?" webinar was so successful, as evidenced by many students, parents, and professionals requesting additional information, MCEC is planning more webinars on teen depression and resiliency.

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