NTS was extremely enlightening and provided a strong knowledge base on which to build and support military connected children. Wonderful learning experience for anyone working with military-connected children or educational professionals who will affect our military-connected children. Thanks for the opportunity!

Past Attendee

For working hard and diligently, For having courage and strength when needed, For being there for others in times of sorrow. I write this poem For Military kids, Today, Yesterday and Tomorrow.

Alexandra Lawrence

It’s not exactly about trying to fit in, but trying to be relatable to someone else.

Allison Kondrat

It can be tough for military kids to move and leave friends or to deal with separation from a parent. It can be a test of sorts, too – an assessment of strength, a confirmation of capability, and a demonstrations of resilience.

Dana Isler

I wouldn’t trade my experience as a military child for anything in the world. It is this aspect of my life that has challenged me continually.

Adair Minihan

I can not express enough how wonderful the GLU kits are. I have a few MCEC books and lessons plans from 2012-2014 time frame (before the kits) and now the Seasons of Change kit. I use these books and lessons in so many ways. I can offer small groups here in the Airmen and Family Readiness Program Manager Office, use the books for activities on Family Days, offer children sessions at YRRP, and I have even taught a lesson with a small group using Heart Strings at the funeral of AMN who died of suicide. We even let families sign out the books and plans if it would benefit them at home. I love how the messages transcend ages and have used the books and lessons from ages 1-18. I wold love to to broaden our library here at the DE ANG so others can continue to benefit from these wonderful kits and themes that correlate with military life. Thank you!

Rebecca Price Parents