Frances Hesselbein stands on the steps of West Point with S2S students attending leadership program.


The mission of the Frances Hesselbein Student Leadership Program (FHSLP) is to grow and sustain the Student 2 Student® (S2S™) Program on the local campus. Established by Military Child Education Coalition in 2006, the Frances Hesselbein Student Leadership Program offers an intensive experience for selected students to enrich their leadership and team-building skills.

The week-long, intensive experience builds skills through personal and small group settings. Students gain confidence, competence, and commitment to their leadership to build their local S2S program. 

Students also have an opportunity to share their program challenges and successes with other peers to gain a new insight on improvement. Distinguished guests provide insights to overcoming challenges and to building personal character.

Learn more about the Fall West Point Experience. 
Learn more about the Spring Air Force Experience.

Program Qualifications:

  • Active in S2S
  • Sophomore or Junior
  • Complete the application
  • Good academic standing
The Official MCEC Application is available through your S2S Sponsor. View tips on applying!

Who is Frances Hesselbein?

Frances Hesselbein (November 1, 1915 – December 11, 2022) was a trailblazer, author, editor, and gifted leader. She was the president and CEO of the Frances Hesselbein Leadership Institute. Prior to founding the Frances Hesselbein Leadership Institute, she served as the CEO for the Girl Scouts of the USA. Between 1965 and 1976, she rose from volunteer troop leader to CEO and held the position of CEO for fourteen years (1976-1990). She is credited with leading a turnaround for the Girl Scouts, increasing their minority membership and establishing the Daisy Scout program for the youngest girls accepted into the Girl Scouts. In 1998, Hesselbein was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom for her work with the Girl Scouts of the USA, and was the recipient of 22 honorary degrees.

2022 Fall Frances Hesselbein Student Leadership Program™ Class

2022 Spring FHSLP Winners

Congratulations to the MCEC Student 2 Student Program leaders on their selection to attend the Frances Hesselbein Student Leadership Program at the United States Military Academy, West Point, NY!


Student Testimonials

The Frances Hesselbein Student Leadership program will make a difference in my S2S program at home and in how I interact with others daily. This helped me focus on becoming a strong individual and helping others around me. I greatly appreciate this opportunity to go to this and be able to make a bigger impact. — Brayden H., Widefield High School, CO

Attending the Frances Hesselbein Student Leadership Program made me a better leader, communicator, and person. The skills I acquired are invaluable and applicable not just to being a leader, but dealing with everyday life. I'm extremely grateful to have had this experience, and I'm already applying some of the things I learned from the program. I truly feel like I am a much better leader after attending the FHSLP. — Josclyn E., Oak Harbor High School, WA

The Frances Hesselbein Student Leadership Program helped me assess my current traits and improve them while also allowing me to obtain new skills. I learned that the greatest leaders are first and foremost human beings, and I feel that I have walked away from this experience with immense growth in my state of mind and understanding. Leadership takes courage, responsibility, an open perspective, and the ability to overcome situations that may not be ideal, but all in a unique style that best suits the individual. — Amira T., King George High School, VA

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