What is S2S?

Student to Student (S2S) is a student-led, faculty-advised program with the mission to take care of new students. An S2S program shows students their new campus, and introduces them to their new community. It provides fun ways for new students to get to know other students, to build new peer groups, and encourage new students to perform better in school. S2S impacts the entire student body by uniting the campus to build a culture of inclusion. The results are improved academic performance and positive peer-to-peer interactions.

Programs are for all three school levels: high school, middle/junior high school, and elementary school.


An S2S team should:
  • Provide every new student a tour
  • Eat lunch with the new student
  • Provide academic resources and encouragement
  • Provide activities to the new student to help them meet others
  • 100% Acceptance: Respect for EVERY student no matter their differences
  • Actively engage in serving the school and community
Core Values:
  1. Leadership
  2. Academics
  3. Service
  4. Finding the Way
  5. Relationships

The overarching core value is 100% Acceptance.


“S2S is by far the most powerful tool I have had in education to support kids.”

~ S2S Sponsor, Widefield High School

2023 S2S Teams of the Year

The MCEC Student 2 Student Teams of the Year reflect the outstanding S2S teams around the world who have made significant impacts over the previous year within their schools and throughout their communities. Winners are selected for the elementary, middle, and high school levels, along with an overall award for Elite Team of the Year. We congratulate all S2S programs for their tireless efforts during a challenging year and salute the sponsors, educators, and parents for their leadership and unwavering support.

S2S Elite Team of the Year

2023 MCEC S2S Elite Team of the Year

Union Pines High School
Cameron, North Carolina

S2S Team of the Yeat

2023 MCEC S2S Elementary School Team of the Year

House Creek Elementary School
Copperas Cove, Texas

S2S Team of the Year

2023 MCEC S2S Middle School Team of the Year
Liberty Middle School
Madison City, Alabama

S2S Team of the Year

2023 MCEC S2S High School Team of the Year

Burkburnett High School
Burkburnett, Texas

IMAGE: View over student shoulders looking at S2S program brochures


MCEC offers initial start-up training and sustainment trainings.

  • Training can be offered in-person or virtually.
  • High school students, middle school students, and adults attend training.
  • Only adults attend elementary school training.
  • MCEC provides: trainers, resources, supplies, and training
  • School provides: transportation to training, substitute teachers, and committed students and sponsors willing to making a difference in their school and community
After training attendees will be able to:
  • Describe the challenges faced by students as they transition in or out of school
  • Identify and apply the six building blocks (core values) of S2S: Leadership, Academics, Service, Finding the Way, Relationships, and 100% Acceptance
  • Identify personal skills needed to implement and sustain a successful S2S program using leadership, team building, and communication skills


For more information or to schedule training, contact MCEC Student Programs at

MCEC Training is Coming to My High School

Parent pre-training information on S2S

Your child was selected to attend training because your school administration sees outstanding leadership, empathy and kindness in them. 

Your child will learn the core values and how to establish a program in their school.

Initial training is two days. Booster training for already established schools is one day.  Times and location are provided to your school. Your school provides transportation. Please ask your school for information.  Breakfast and lunch are served at the training. Please make sure you provide MCEC with any food restrictions when registering. We make every attempt to meet these restrictions. A typical menu is pizza, sub sandwiches, pastries and fruit, or breakfast burritos.

How much does it cost to be included in S2S? MCEC does not charge for being part of S2S. Some schools determine the need for dues. To attend training, there is no cost.

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