Our Goal

Our goal is to educate professionals and parents to best serve the needs of the military child.

Our Passion

Our passion is derived from our military experience and service as military families and veteran families.
We truly understand the challenges related to academic transition, family transition, and SEL social-emotional transition. 



Sue Lopez

Sue Lopez

As a licensed school counselor, active-duty military spouse, and parent, Sue Lopez, takes pride in serving military students and families. Sue understands the daily challenges associated with being part of a military family during times of transition and deployment. As a mother of two extraordinary military young adults, she has witnessed the struggles of adjusting to the ‘new normal’ over the last 21 years, through 14 permanent change of station (PCS), 1 unaccompanied tour in Korea, and 5 one-year combat deployment cycles.  

“Transition is a part of our military family lifestyle, not concept or theory.”  

Sue has served as a Military Student Transition Consultant (MSTC) serving in seven high schools providing district-wide teacher professional development, bridging-the-gap services with the local installation command, and one-on-one transition counseling services to military-connected students and their families.

Mark Patton

Mark Patton

Mark is a retired U.S Air Force officer, father of two, and a proud grandfather. He grew up as a military kid, living overseas in Germany and graduating high school in Fayetteville, N.C.

Families find it easy to talk with Mark. His easy-going, down-to –earth personality endears him to so many. After spending nearly 40 years serving members of the military community, Mark understands all too well the stressors military-connected students and families face and looks forward to opportunities where he can be part of solutions that put people at ease and make their lives better. 

Prior to serving with MCEC, Mark served as a high school counselor and as a Senior Aerospace Science Instructor for the Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Corps (JROTC) program in Nash County and Cumberland County Schools. Retiring from teaching, Mark became a Military Student Transition Consultant for Cumberland County as part of a DODEA grant.

He holds a Master of Education in Human Relations with a specialization in organizational behavior and counseling. 


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