Military life is ever-changing. Our help is always here.

We understand the impact a military lifestyle can have on a child — academically, emotionally, and socially. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to serve the children of those who serve us all — connecting them to schools, organizations, and other resources to make sure they’re college-, work-, and life-ready.

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Resilient Youth

Resilient Youth

Episode 326

Resilience is often described as our ability to “bounce back” after being faced with challenges.  Our military-connected youth live a…

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When the nation calls persons to defend her, the families affected by one of their members answering the call face worries and changes in their daily lives. This image symbolizes those who must share a loved one with the nation. Purple is the color of military kids and the color of the sky in my painting. Yellow ribbons on the trees symbolize waiting for someone to return.

Estefany | Grade 11 | US Army

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