For education professionals:
keep military-connected students on the right course.

The truth is, military-connected kids have complex needs. And it’s our goal to make educators more aware, more competent, and more capable when it comes to these children. That’s why we make sure we’re teaching you through proven methodologies and an evidence-informed curriculum. Because when you know more, you can give more. Explore our education professional programs below.  

For Education Professionals

Our programs, training, and resources give you the insight you need to serve the children of those who serve us.

Training + Events

Events are offered at the national, state, and local levels, along with virtual training. Providing relevant and timely information, trainings are grounded in research and presented by highly-skilled instructors.

Programs + Initiatives

Highlighting the critical role educators and administrators play, the Purple Star initiative and Student 2 Student program create environments that allow students to thrive. Partnership awards recognize strong relationships built between schools, installations, and communities.

Resources + Support

Help is at your fingertips, with MSCs ready to answer your questions, SchoolQuest to help stay organized during a PCS, and our online library of insightful, empowering resources – always available. 

Explore our resource library.

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