What we do

We help children growing up in military families by providing them, their parents, and professionals with programs, resources, and guidance—helping the child stay on course academically, socially, and emotionally.

Mission & Vision

Our Vision

Every military-connected child is college-, work-, and life-ready.

Our Mission

MCEC supports all military-connected children by educating, advocating, and collaborating to resolve education challenges associated with the military lifestyle.

Our Goals

The enduring strategic goals that the Military Child Education Coalition seeks are:

  • Military-connected children’s academic, social and emotional needs are recognized, supported and appropriate responses provided.
  • Parents, and other supporting adults, are empowered with the knowledge to ensure military-connected children are college, workforce and life-ready.
  • A strong community of partners is committed to support an environment where military-connected children thrive.

Our Core Values: Collaboration | Integrity | Relevance | Service

Who We Serve

As a professional coalition with a diverse community, we serve: 

  • Military families 
  • Public school districts and private schools 
  • Colleges and universities 
  • Small businesses, corporations, and organizations 
  • Military commands and installations 
  • Compassionate individuals  

How We Serve

Our team works with public school districts and private schools to help military families overcome the many academic and social challenges of moving, which can include making sure: 

  • The student can be enrolled in the desired school. 
  • The school is flexible with how the credits transfer. 
  • The school implements the Military Interstate Children’s Compact Commission for extra-curricular activities. 
  • The student maintains a consistent learning pace from state to state. 
  • The differences in curriculum do not lead to delays in graduation. 
  • The student can be accepted in special programs (ie. gift or talented). 
  • The school accepts transfer of Individualized Education Programs (IEP). 
  • The student has help needed to navigate the emotional toll of moving. 
  • The student has specialized counseling and host groups, even if the school does not support them. 
  • And many more. 

25 Years of MCEC: See the needs that inspire us and the dynamics that define us.

Meet our team

It takes a family to help all military families. Get to know them here.  

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