Join us in recognizing our military-connected children this April during the Month of the Military Child (MOMC). The life of a military kid is a blend of unique adventures and challenges. It’s important to keep in mind that they serve our country too, as part of a military family… not just in April, but all year long.

Celebrate the challenges and triumphs of our military-connected children. These amazing kids selflessly sacrifice for our country and are brave, proud, and strong.

Below are some resources to help you and your community recognize the Month of the Military Child:
  • Month of the Military Child Toolkit 
    Listed below are items available for download and use in your local areas. Included are Month of the Military Child Purple Up poster celebrating #PurpleUp day & military kids, Yard Sign design to print at your local printer, Certificates of Recognition for Military-connected Kids, templates for stickers, a coloring page featuring Dandy Lion, and the 2024 MOMC T-shirt design.

  • Purple Up
    Wear purple to celebrate military kids! Purple references the joint environment of the military, encompassing all service branches, Active Duty, Reserve, National Guard, and Veterans. Purple combines each branch’s colors into one: the Air Force, Navy, and Coast Guard all use shades of blue, the Army uses green, and the Marines use red. MCEC celebrates Purple Up this year on April 19th. 

  • Call for the Arts
    The MCEC Call for the Arts program invites military-connected children from all over the world, representing every branch of service, to share interpretations of what it means to be a military-connected child through art. Visit the Call for the Arts page for eligibility and guidelines.

  • Hashtags
    Use #MOMC and #MonthoftheMilitaryChild for discussion throughout the month of April and #PurpleUp for promotion and celebration of Purple Up Day in your area. All year long, use #MCEC when you recognize military-connected kids and their stories!

MOMC 2024 Toolkit 


MCEC Month of the Military Child Poster (11 x 17 in)

MOMC Poster

Click to Download PDF

MCEC Month of the Military Child T-shirt 

Design is available for download to print on your own, and also in the MCEC Store for pre-orders!

MOMC Strong T-Shirt

Download graphics:
EPS  |  PDF  |  SVG


Pre-order now from the MCEC Store:

Pre-order your Purple Up T-shirts now, through March 11. Orders will ship by March 22.

Youth M, L, XL: $10.00 • Adult S, M, L, XL: $11.95 • Adult 2X, 3X: $12.95

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Month of the Military Child Certificate (8.5 x 11 in)

2022 MOMC Certificate

Click Here to Download the Printable Certificate

Activity Sheet: Dandy Lion Coloring Page

Purple Up in April Dandy Lion coloring page

Download the Coloring Sheet Here

MCEC Month of the Military Child Yard Sign (2 sizes)

MOMC Yard Sign

18" x 12"
24" x 18"

PDF with crop marks

PDF with crop marks

PDF without crop marks

PDF without crop marks

MCEC Month of the Military Child Desktop Wallpaper

MCEC MOMC 3 Wallpaper 4

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IMAGE: Circle with April is Month of the Military Child - Purple Up!


Month of the Military Child Stickers



3" sticker works with Avery template 94513



2" sticker works with Avery templates 22806 & 22807


MCEC grants downloading these graphics a no-fee license to use graphics for non-commercial use. These graphics are the intellectual property of MCEC, include MCEC-protected trademarks, may not be altered in color or presentation, and may not be used for fundraising or commercial sale purposes. We kindly ask you to credit and tag MCEC in social media posts and collateral. Please consider becoming a member or donating at “Military Child Education Coalition®,” “MCEC®” and associated trademarks and design elements are owned by the Military Child Education Coalition. © 2024 Military Child Education Coalition. All Rights Reserved. 

Month of the Military Child Resources


An easy-to-use interactive tool to help you manage an upcoming school transition. 
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Military Student Consultant Call Center 

Our Military Student Consultant is the portal for all questions student and parent-related. 
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Military Interstate Children's Compact Commission (MIC3) 
Center for Parent and Teen Communication - Supporting Military Families 

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Congrats — You're Having a Teen!
by Kenneth R. Ginsburg, M.D.

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Sesame Street for Military Families

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50 Ways to Celebrate Month of the Military Child

(Dept of the Air Force School Liaison Program)

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