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Each year, April is designated as Month of the Military Child. Reserved for celebrating the resiliency of military-connected children and for their tremendous service and sacrifice, this year’s Month of the Military Child comes at a time when military-connected children and their families are faced with altogether new challenges.


Mindful of the vulnerabilities and disruptions to the lives of military families brought about by COVID-19, balancing COVID-19 support and giving a voice to military kids as part of the Month of the Military Child, MCEC is planning various digital initiatives that celebrate the qualities and enduring spirit of military kids:


  • Weekly podcasts featuring the stories of military kids.
  • Weekly podcasts and social media posts to highlight MCEC program managers and teams and their programs.
  • Shared stories from families and students on social media.
  • MCEC annual Call for the Arts to provide a creative outlet to express feelings and emotions in coping with COVID-19.
  • MCEC new online learning series, Navigating Change, plus supportive resources and information on MCEC COVID-19 Response webpage.

Demographically, military-connected children comprise nearly two million military-connected students. Almost every school district in America includes military-connected students and youth whose parents serve or served in the Active, Guard, and Reserve components of the Armed Forces. Over 80% of these students attend U.S. public schools while less than 8% attend Department of Defense schools.

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MOMC Poster

2020 MCEC Month of the Military Child Poster (11 x 17 in)
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MOMC Certificate

Month of the Military Child Editable Certificate (8.5 x 11 in)
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Purple Up! Ribbons
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Month of the Military Child Resources

Sesame Street for Military Families™ Social Media Guide
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50 Ways to Celebrate Month of the Military Child (AF CYES)
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Ways to Celebrate from the Military Interstate Children's Compact Commission (MIC3)
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