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The MCEC® Education Summit 2020 provided a unique opportunity to engage with senior military, government, education and thought leaders while absorbing in-depth analysis of the Military Kids NOW Survey findings. Content was delivered virtually over a two-day period and proved to be a premier professional development training event for educators, youth-serving professionals from both private and public organizations, military parents, and all those interested in serving and supporting military-connected children. 

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Event Details

Opening General Session with Dr. Jill Biden, Dr. Mitchell “Mick” Zais and Dr. Marc Brackett

Join this #EdSummit20 Opening General Session as Dr. Mitchell “Mick” Zais and Dr. Marc Brackett lay the foundation for the MCEC Education Summit 2020 and address the findings from the Military Kids NOW Survey.

MCEC fielded the survey in the spring of 2020, and analysis of the findings will be used to deepen our understanding of ongoing education challenges for military-connected students. Throughout #EdSummit20, sessions and content will highlight both academic and social-emotional survey findings to recalibrate how we all serve military-connected kids in a changing environment. Don’t miss this important session which sets the framework to not only explore the depth and richness of the Military Kids NOW Survey findings, but also to meet the needs of military-connected children through research informed solutions. 

Dr. Jill Biden joins #EdSummit20

Dr. Mitchell Zais Bio

Dr. Marc Brackett Bio

Helpful Read-Ahead: Military Kids NOW Education Survey Full Report

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CONNECT: Create, Opportunities, Navigate, Network, Educate, Collaborate, Together

Are you new to MCEC? Or would you like to learn more about our programs and initiatives and how to bring them to YOUR community? Join this seminar to discover how MCEC is staying MISSION STEADY, FUTURE READY! Presenters will offer a comprehensive breakdown of the initiatives and programs MCEC offers, as well as address MCEC's  vision, mission, and our enduring strategic goals to remain future ready...for the sake of the child.

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Facilitated Chat Sessions

A highlight of #EdSummit20 is our small group, interactive, collaborative sessions intermingled throughout the two-day agenda. Join us to engage in guided "tabletop conversations" allowing you the opportunity to learn not only from #EdSummit20 speakers, but also from each other – all while building a supportive network of colleagues with a like mission.  Bring YOUR voice and expertise to the virtual table, and LET'S CHAT!

Concurrent Sessions | Tuesday
  • Parenting on the Front Lines  Watch the Recording
  • Purple Star Schools  Watch the Recording
  • Implementing the Interstate Compact – Resolving Issues through Best Practice  Watch the Recording
  • Diving Into the Social Emotional Findings of the MilKid NOW 2020 Survey Watch the Recording
  • MCEC Spotlight for Parents – Adapting to a Virtual Learning Environment  Watch the Recording
  • MCEC Spotlight for Students – Blissful Coding Club (No recording available)
Tuesday Master Class: Keeping Students on Track During the Pandemic

When the country shut down in March, the College Board faced a difficult decision. Would they cancel the 2020 Advanced Placement (AP) Exams or deliver a reliable, secure, digital assessment that would give students the opportunity to earn full credit. AP students guided the decision with a clear and compelling voice, overwhelmingly saying they wanted the chance to test. This set in motion the charge to create an online version of the exams, broadcast AP classes to teachers and students via YouTube, and ensure that students had access to devices and the internet. Dana Kopelman, who leads AP instruction for the College Board,  discusses the lessons learned from this major undertaking and how College Board has built on the online resources developed in the spring to open a new world for AP teachers and students as they tackle the varied models of learning in a changing environment.

Dana Kopelman 
Executive Director, AP Instruction, College Board

Dana Kopelman has worked with the College Board’s AP curriculum, instruction and assessment team in a variety of capacities. Dana started as an instructional designer, working on professional development support for teachers of history and the social sciences, then as course lead for AP economics.  Most recently, Dana became the executive director of AP instruction, overseeing a variety of products the content team created for teachers of all AP courses released with the launch of AP Classroom.  She currently is focusing her efforts on the design and development of free, online AP instructional videos across the suite of AP courses.

Before joining the College Board, Dana taught for eight years in New York and New Orleans, focusing on four AP subjects: economics, U.S. history, world history, and U.S. government and politics.  During her tenure in New Orleans, she was responsible for expanding AP offerings in the social sciences, starting with AP U.S. history for the New Orleans Charter Science and Math High School.

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Wednesday Master Class: Surge Capacity and Depletion in the Time of COVID-19: Promoting Resilience

This presentation highlights what we know about resilience from 50 years of research on children, families, and communities in the context of life-threatening hazards, ranging from natural disasters to epidemics and war. Dr. Ann Masten discusses the inherent quality of resilience we all have the capacity of a dynamic system to adapt successfully to challenges that threaten the function, survival, or development of that system. Dr. Masten focuses on how the resilience of children is influenced by   that of families, schools ,and other systems that support human life and development. This session increases awareness of  key factors and strategies indicated by resilience science that protect and restore resilience across system levels for children, families, schools, and other human systems.   

Ann Masten, Ph.D. 
Regents Professor, Irving B. Harris Professor of Child Development, University of Minnesota.

Ann S. Masten, Ph.D., serves as the regents professor of child development at the University of Minnesota, grew up in a military family. She studies resilience in human development, particularly in the context of homelessness, poverty, war, disaster, and migration. Dr. Masten is a past president of the Society for Research in Child Development, recipient of numerous honors, and author of more than 200 publications including the book, Ordinary Magic: Resilience in Development. She also offers a free MOOC on Coursera about “Resilience in Children Exposed to Trauma, Disaster and War” taken by thousands of participants from more than 180 countries.

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Concurrent Sessions | Wednesday
  • Supporting a Resilient Military Family During Safer at Home – Bolstering Strengths and Mitigating Risks  Watch the Recording
  • Family-School Literacy Partnerships for Students with Exceptionalities  Watch the Recording
  • Diving Into the Academic Findings of the MilKid NOW 2020 Survey  Watch the Recording
  • School Choice Panel Discussion  Watch the Recording
  • MCEC Spotlight – SchoolQuest  Watch the Recording
  • MCEC Spotlight for Parents – The Magic of the Family Meal  Watch the Recording
  • MCEC Spotlight for Students – Recruiting and Retaining Group Members (No recording available)
Closing General Session: Mission Steady, Future Ready - A Senior Leader Perspective on Supporting Military-Connected Children in a Changing Environment

Our nation's senior military leaders understand the imperative of ensuring every military child is safe, supported, challenged, and engaged in learning. Recently, Dave Lapan, Vice President of Communications for the Bipartisan Policy Center, had the opportunity to sit down with General and Mrs. Mark A. Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff,  and other senior leaders to discuss the important issues affecting military-connected students and families voiced through the Military Kids NOW Survey. You won't want to miss this important perspective...for the sake of the child.

Watch the RecordingClick here to View Recording

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