We know this is an especially difficult time for our military families and children. Although resiliency and inner strength are qualities we admire in military families, during these uncertain times, MCEC is here with additional support. Taking what we’ve learned from over 20 years of helping military kids and their families successfully manage transition and mobility issues, we have culled supportive content and resources for parents, educators, and students. We hope you will use the content and resources here to inspire and renew a sense of hope and wellbeing in your life and the lives of those in your care.

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Welcome to a series of eight TedEd Lessons focused on the unique aspects of military and veteran-connected children and their quest to be college and career ready by the time they graduate from high school. Each lesson includes a short video,  in-depth content area, discussion forum, and brief assessment for understanding. These lessons are designed for education professionals, child & youth professionals, parents and anyone who has an interest in supporting the children whose parents serve us all. The overall objectives of the series are to:

  • Introduce participants to the mobile military and veteran-connected child.
  • Share information and strategies for inclusion, transition and motivation of military and veteran-connected children.
  • Create an environment where all children graduate from high school successfully ready for college and careers, regardless of their transition status.
Lesson One: A Spectrum of Things to Consider About Military Kids

Two million strong! The children of our nation's military serve this nation, too. Let's look at what makes them both resilient and vulnerable... and then how to be a part of helping them thrive.

Begin Lesson One 

Lesson Two: Motivating Military Children to be College, Career & Life Ready

Military students move to new schools frequently, and each time it's like starting over. What encourages them to work hard to be college, career and life ready each time? Look at techniques that educators and parents can incorporate into their routines to motivate them.

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Lesson Three: Getting Highly Mobile Military Kids Ready for the World

It is never too early to start preparing students for futuew careers and post-secondary education. Teachers and parents can start fostering career and college exploration and readiness skills starting in elementary school.

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Lesson Four: Producing College and Career Ready Students: Understanding the Challenges

High school graduates must have strong employability skills to meet the demands of the workforce and to prepare students to be successful in their future careers. A critical shift in schools is necessary with a need to aligh high school coursework with students' future goals.

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Lesson Five: Producing College and Career Ready Students: Ensuring Military Kids are College Ready

In order to better prepare students for the college environment we must look at some of the fundamental differences that make the transition challenging for students.

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Lesson Six: Producing College and Career Ready Students: Career & Technical Education

The career course sequence in high school should be considered in meeting the goal of providing students with multiple paths to graduation while equipping them for a successful career or post-secondary education.

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Lesson Seven: Higher Education Initiatives for Military Kids

Higher education institutions can play a major role in helping military kids be academically competitive in post-secondary education. University professors and researchers can become involved in supporting military kids by considering initiatives that address their unique needs.

Begin Lesson Seven

Lesson Eight: Getting Military Kids with Exceptional Needs Ready for the World

Despite advances in improving the college and career readiness of students with disabilities, we must ensure that they are not left behind. We must equip students with the knowledge & skills to fulfill their individual potential and lead full & independent lives.

Begin Lesson Eight


When parents make the transition from a military career to a civilian life - whether that change is planned or sudden -- there are often unique challenges for their children. This is particularly true if service-related injuries are involved.

These two companion videos provide:

Supporting Veterans' Children through Transitions: Awareness - of the issues involved in the transition from service member to veteran.


Supporting Veterans' Children through Transitions: Understanding - of the challenges for the veterans' children and families.

These videos are ideal for professional learning & discussion groups, especially when viewed with the discussion questions and additional resources available by click on the accompanying TedEd link.

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