Brigadier General (Ret) Robert Gaylord

Brigadier General (Ret) Robert Gaylord

Brigadier General Robert Gaylord (retired) is an independent leadership and communication consultant.

Formerly, he was president and CEO of IDEA, an eCommerce business-to-business solutions provider, after serving as president and CEO of the Leader-to-Leader Institute in New York City. Gaylord retired from the United States Army in 2005 after a long and distinguished career culminating in his assignment as the Army’s senior Public Affairs Officer, responsible for strategic communications. Bob serves on numerous military and youth related non-profit boards. He is also on the Executive Advisory Council of Mission Readiness, a nonpartisan national security organization of over 500 retired admirals, generals, and other retired senior military leaders calling for smart investments in America’s children.  It operates under the umbrella of the nonprofit Council for a Strong America.

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