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Pete Taylor Partnership of Excellence Awards

Lt. Gen. H. G. “Pete” Taylor (retired) was one of the founders of MCEC – and a military parent, too. The award named in his honor recognizes successful partnerships and projects that reflect his belief that “goodness starts at the local level.” MCEC presents awards to deserving schools, installations, and individual program achievements at GTS. 

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Student 2 Student Team of the Year Awards

The final event of the Global Training Summit was the MCEC S2S Team of the Year Awards. The award is given as the elementary, middle, and high school levels, along with an overall award for Elite Team of the Year. Attending the Summit was a meaningful reward for all the students. Said Laura Bruce, parent of a student from Carroll High School in Ozark, Alabama:

“Thank you for the amazing opportunity that was afforded to my son and the other students. The newly formed relationships, experiences and teachings will be with them (and me) for a lifetime.”

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The Military Children’s Dr. Mary M. Keller Award for Distinguished Contributions to Science

Established in 2019 by the MCEC Science Advisory Board, the intent of this award is to recognize researchers, clinicians and practitioners for significant contributions to science and the public’s understanding of military-connected youth.

The 2023 recipient of the Military Children’s Dr. Mary M. Keller Award for Distinguished Contributions to Science is Senator Elizabeth Dole. 

The Elizabeth Dole Foundation has both brought great visibility to children’s roles as caregivers through their Hidden Helpers initiative, as well as conducted significant research to guide their efforts. The Elizabeth Dole Foundation has applied the results of their work to influence policies, such as VA support for caregivers, and practices, such as work in local communities through their fellows’ program. Senator Elizabeth Dole, through her foundation, exemplifies how to use science and data to inform issues and solutions, and, in this case, in service of military-connected children.

Accepting the award on behalf of Senator Dole was Steve Schwab, the CEO of the Elizabeth Dole Foundation.

…it’s something we believe at the Dole Foundation and why we align so well with Dr. Porter and her team, and before her, Mary, and that’s because we do believe that science, and data, and numbers are essential in our daily work and mission at the Dole Foundation, and the work that we do with Becky, and with so many of you in this room to support Hidden Helpers.
Our work, our everyday work, not just with kids, wouldn’t be possible on the science side or the impact side without MCEC. And I know the Senator is so proud, by the way, to get a science award. She gets a lot of leadership awards, she hasn’t gotten a lot of science awards, so she’s going to wear this one really proudly because of her fondness for MCEC.
Steve Schwab
CEO, Elizabeth Dole Foundation

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