National Training Seminar 2021 Embracing the Future for #MILKIDS

K – 5th Winner

Alisa, Age 9  | Granite Mountain Charter School, Ft. Irwin. Calif.

“I’ve lived in five states. My home is the whole world. The dandelion flower represents how military kids are spread out like dandelion seeds and can grow anywhere. The kids in the picture are me and my brothers, Ezra and Micah, and our dog, Dezi.”

6th – 8th Winner

Vanessa, Age 12  | Ellis D. Parker (DoDEA), Ft. Rucker, Ala.

“My inspiration for this painting was to show all of the places I have traveled and all the states where I have been. I drew the birds and butterflies for my other inspiration, my family.”

9th – 12th Winner

Amira, Age 15  | Ramey Unit School (DoDEA), Puerto Rico

“The meaning of this piece is the perspective of the Soldier remembering their loved ones left at home. His heart glows with strength and determination and shows the strength the Soldier gets by remembering what he is fighting for.”

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