5 Actions for Exceptional Parents with Dr. Paul Ban

April 18, 2019

Episode 50

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Dr. Paul Ban shares five actions parents with children with special or 2E twice exceptional needs can take when advocating for their children in 504 or IEP meetings, along with sharing his insight about gifted education. Register and join us for the webinar recording referenced in the podcast "School Transitions with a Child with Exceptional Needs"  after you listen to this interview by clicking on the link below. https://events-na5.adobeconnect.com/content/connect/c1/968319730/en/events/event/private/1825780098/1835195351/event_registration.html?connect-session=na5breezbvidnntssywnshfm&sco-id=2072955164&_charset_=utf-8 Thank you Travis Officers' Spouses' Club for providing generous support for this podcast.

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