Connecting to Your Roots Can Help You Find Home

November 15, 2022

Episode 248

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Description: Hannah discusses her struggles as a mil-kid and how she finally found community by connecting to her roots.

This podcast was made in part by support from the Tyndall Spouses Club. 


Show Notes:

National Suicide Hotline 988 Call or Text 

Virtual Hope Box:  Coping, Relaxation, Distraction, and Positive Thinking 

MCEC Wellbeing Toolkit, PTSD, TBI, Physical Injury tab, look for the Family Communication activities as well as the Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness & Wellness tabs for personal reflection activities and support



Hello! My name is Hannah Andringa. I am 19 years old and I am from Ellsworth, Kansas. I was a military dependent for 14 years of my life. Currently, I am Miss Czech/ Slovak Kansas 2022-2023. I am a current freshman at Kansas State University, studying Agriculture Economics with a focus in Pre-Law. I plan to pursue a secondary in Global Food Systems Leadership as well. I hope to shed light on my experiences of feeling rootless as a dependent as well as inspire anyone feeling this way through my story. 


Bio: Sue Lopez

Sue is an Active-Duty military spouse (25+), parent of two adult children, and a licensed school counselor who takes pride in being a resource for military-connected students and families in transition. Families rely on Sue for her compassion, knowledge, and empathy as she has personally experienced 14 PCS relocations, 6 deployments, and one unaccompanied tour to the Republic of Korea. 

She holds a Master of Science in School Counseling. Her professional license 20+ years of education experience has yielded a unique set of skills and knowledge regarding state and national policies that impact military-connected students during times of transition to include academic transcript evaluation, enrollment, and graduation as well as social-emotional supports.   

 Prior to her role as an MCEC Instructional Systems Designer, Sue used her field experience as a Military Student Transition Consultant to inform and establish the MCEC Military Student Consultant role.  As and MSTC, Sue provided one-on-one and small group transition counseling services to military-connected students and their families at seven middle and high schools. Additionally, she provided district-wide professional development and enhanced community relationships with instillation command, community stakeholders, school administrators, and district faculty.    

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