Dancing Through Transitions

August 12, 2022

Episode 235

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Description: Nine-year-old, Quinn talks about how her love of dance kept her connected with her deployed father and created conversations about military life with her classmates.

This episode was made possible thanks to the support of the  Spouses’ Club of Lewis- McChord.


Show Notes:

Title: Spotlighting Artistic Expression and the Military Child featuring Dr. Jill Biden and Quinn

Description: Dr. Jill Biden, First Lady of the United States, joined the 2022 MCEC Global Summit to share about raising the voices of military-connected children through artistic expression. Dr. Biden introduced the MCEC Call for the Arts artist spotlight, nine-year-old Quinn, who shared her gift of interpretive dance titled “For Our Soldier” set to the music “Soldier’s Light” by Rylee Preston. This piece was choreographed by Quinn and her mom, which brought comfort during her father’s most recent deployment and was a creative outlet for the family as they were experiencing the separation.

MCEC Youtube link: https://youtu.be/0bNEzHhIYtk



Quinn is a vibrant nine-year-old entering 4th grade this fall. She currently lives in Northern California with her parents, younger sister, and dog Rudy. As a resilient military child, she has lived in four states, and will be starting her third 'new school' this year. She loves reading, dance, soccer, and exploring the outdoors with family and friends. During a tough deployment, Quinn and her mom sought comfort in the art of dance. They came up with the idea to choreograph a piece together that would honor Dad while he was gone. The song, "Soldier's Light" by Rylee Preston was a favorite on Quinn's Spotify Playlist. Over the next two months, Quinn and her mom found an outlet of support and release as they created this dance together. Upon Dad's homecoming, Quinn was excited to present him with the surprise gift of a dance dedicated to him. Quinn is the daughter of Major Matt LeCraw, active duty Air Force. Major LeCraw is currently a U-2 Pilot at Beale Air Force Base.


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